Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The most fun part

You know how they always say, "you get them a toy, they play with the box."  We've noticed that on a number of occasions (I've got a few pictures in my stash to prove it) and we've always been amazed at what these imaginative girls come up with.  Its become harder as Kinsley grows to make them both happy - you know, the she's-got-it-and-I-want-it syndrome.  (Actually, Kinsley just says "me too" and we know what that means.)  Its always fun to see them playing together too.  Just last night, Johnny and I had the pleasure of watching the "Myla and Kinsley Show" in the basement.  We were laughing so hard - it was just too darn cute - Kinsley would pop out of the tent when Myla would say "and here's Kinsley!" and she would wave and clap.  Then Myla would come across the stage and take a bow.  It was great entertainment.

And so, in honor of our 301st(!?) post on our little blog here, please allow yourself a moment to remember enjoying being a kid and playing with the box.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lots to be thankful for

princess dresses (1)

Another year, another Thanksgiving, another “holy cow, the girls are so big” moment.  We’ve had so many things that to list all the things we are thankful for would take up a lot of your computer screen.  So instead of the boring old parent thankful things (you know, good doctors that take care of little broken arms, great teachers that teach your little ones how to be great people, awesome grandparents that love you and your little girls unconditionally, so on and so on), here are some things that Myla and Kinsley are thankful for:

Myla is thankful for Christmas trees and princess dresses and Christmas lights and footie jammies.

Kinsley is thankful for baby dolls and milk cups and blueberries and pennies found on the floor.

Happy Thanksgiving!  We hope you have too many things to count to be thankful for!

princess dresses (2)

Hey, even princesses need to do their homework!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Another reason to love Colorado

Nov zoo day  (3)Yesterday was a perfect 60 degree day in our fair state and a rare day when Johnny didn’t have to be in to work early.  So we took advantage of the sunshine and ventured out to the zoo.  (Do you know, we got the family pass for Christmas last year and this is the first time we’ve been as a family?  Crazy huh?)  There weren’t a ton of people there and the girls really enjoyed walking around at their own pace.  I took Myla into the the lorikeet area where she got to feed the birds and was very brave once she saw how it all worked.

Nov zoo day  (2)We also got to ride on the merry-go-round and Kinsley got to give a mermaid toy to the penguins.  (Well, not exactly on purpose and not without a few tears.)  There was also a lot of speculation around the Christmas lights that we saw all around the zoo.  I have a feeling that we’ll be going back there in the night soon.  We grabbed a large bag of popcorn on our way out of the zoo and nibbled all the way home.

Nov zoo day  (1)

So, basically, it was a perfect day.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Catch up

So, I’ve been a little slow getting some updates on here with colds and Halloween and well, life.  But I think I’m all caught up now!

Goodbye Cast!

Kinsley 11-4-12

Kinsley got her cast off on the third and never looked back.  I don’t know if she knew why her arm was in a cast, but I think she knew it was better once they took it off.  They took the cast off and then had to take an x-ray to make sure the bone had healed, so they left us for a minute.  She looked at the pins in her arms, pointed to the door and said something like, “okay, lets go!”  They did take the x-ray and were very pleased at the amount of new bone growth and happy that it had healed just about perfectly, so the pins came out.  Kinsley watched them do it – mom did not – and didn’t even really fuss.  In fact, the nurse that was observing commented that Kinsley didn’t even cry.  It took her a couple of days to remember that it wasn’t locked in one position any more and she could use it now.  She still prefers her left hand to do things, but has started to get her right arm moving around.  Basically, its like it never happened except for the scab where they pulled the pins out.  And her mom might be a little more hovering on the playground for the moment.


Halloween 2012 (4)

This year, the girls were recovering from a cold on Halloween, but they were not going to let that stop them from going trick or treating.  Mermaid Myla was so excited that all day she kept changing her mind about who she was going to take with her.  When the time finally came, she just wanted to go and was off like a shot.  I had to remind her more than once to wait up for Lizard Kinsley (she was supposed to be a turtle, but never wanted to put on her shell).  Kinsley had the best time when people would let her take candy to put in her basket and got a little confused when they put one in her basket for her.  By the end of it though, she had discovered that she could hang her basket on her cast and pick more candy with the good hand.  She was happy with that.

Halloween 2012 (5)

Myla was very good about saying trick-or-treat and thank you at each house, but I think she was a little confused at the houses that were dark.  Why would someone not trick-or-treat?  She made a good haul though and loved being a mermaid all day.  I didn’t see any other ones out there – a snow white and a belle – but no mermaids.  She even let me put some red glitter in her hair in the morning, but it was all out by candy time.  Again this year, she loved helping hand out candy and even did it at the Baker’s house – a stop we have to make on Halloween so they can ooo and ahh over the cute little girls.  Which of course they are!

Myla turns 5!


Our tiny little girl turned five in October and was so happy to be so.  We had a little mermaid party with a couple of her friends on one of the fantastic Saturdays that was sunny and warm and then she got a little early birthday present from us – another bike to keep at our house.  She was pretty excited to ride it, even though she acted like she’d never been on a two-wheeler before.  By the end of the ride, she was pretty confident except for the dips in the sidewalk.  She’ll get the hang of it in the spring I’m sure – or this winter if the weather stays this warm.


The party continued through the week and we carved pumpkins with the family on the next Sunday.  She was like me in not wanting to put her hands inside the pumpkin, but she loved watching and was very excited to see the faces.  Myla got all sorts of cute dresses to wear, a tea set, nail polish pens, Cabbage Patch doll and a doll house as big as she is.  I think that everything has been played with extensively and she could not be more excited to be five.

She’s so big – the doctor clocked her in at 29.5 pounds and 38.5 inches.  And she thoroughly impressed her with her language skills and happiness.  Its amazing to think that it was five years ago.  Five years.  My sister told me that she remembers the World Series was on the night Myla was born and here it is on again on her birthday.  I remember not being able to see it very well – I didn’t have my glasses – and I was probably pretty out of it.  This year I didn’t see it very well because I had tears in my eyes – how can she be five!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sling, what sling?

broken arm (1)

Oh this?  Its just covering up the broken arm.  Oh, I didn’t tell you about that either?  Huh, well let me explain…

Kinsley was chasing her sister on the playground over the bouncy bridge that connects two platforms.  After seven or eight times over it, somehow she fell on the last time.  This is one tough girl – she didn’t even cry on her last shots – so she just got in the car and fell asleep.  It wasn’t until about 45 minutes later that she woke up and said “hey, my arm hurts.”  Off we went to the doctor, who then sent us to the emergency room for x-rays, who then scheduled us for surgery on Friday.

broken arm (2)

It was a long day, but at about 3:30 they took her in for two pins and a stylish purple cast.  The break is right at her elbow, where the top bone in your arm meets the joint and so they felt that it was important for her future mobility that the surgery be done.  They didn’t have to make an incision, just stuck the two pins in her bone but they stick out just a little, then the cast wraps over it.  In about three weeks, we go in for another x-ray, and if all is good, off comes the cast and out come the pins. 

We had a rough night on Friday, but last night was a little better.  She’s starting to used to her arm not being exactly the same  - eating takes on a new twist - and has even been holding a few toys in those exposed fingers.  With any luck, tonight she’ll simply lay down and sleep…

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Growing up


Myla got an early birthday present in the form of a big girl bike and she LOVES it.  She struggles a little with the turning on it, but I think she did that with her trike too.  She loves to get going on it and will yell out “look at me!”  Its really fun to see her speed off.  She does that with her stories about her day too – just speeds off about what she’s done or learned.  Some days it’s a few days after the fact, but that doesn’t really matter in Myla-time I guess.  Its hard to believe that she’s almost five – crazy in fact.  How could time have gone so fast!?

a new stand (1)

Kinsley is keeping pace with her sister and grows as much as Myla does.  We clocked them both at growing an inch and 1/2 in three months.  She still talks a lot about something that we don’t fully understand, but she’s definitely getting some words down – me too, no way, balloon, ball, and a number of animal sounds as well.  She loves to fold her arms or she’ll huff and put her hands on her hips.  She is an opinionated little girl, but also very happy and will laugh when we are giving her something that she wants to eat, its so cute.  Her latest thing is to lean against something and cross her little feet at the ankles and talk to you.  About something or other.


And so, in my humble opinion, I submit that they are growing to fast and need to stop now.  Myla tells me that they can’t stop because they have to be as big as me and Johnny.  Good thing I’m not very tall…

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Winding down

splash (2)

You know how sometimes you just wish that you were a kid again and there were no worries, just a pool on the deck, a slide, some water and an uncommonly warm September day?  Myla and Kinsley have been making up a lot of games together lately – sometimes it involves running across the room and diving into a pile of pillows, or chasing each other through the tent and tunnel in the basement, or putting their babies to sleep in the fort that they built in the family room.  They really are pretty good friends.

splash (3)

They also take pretty good care of each other.  Myla will tell Kinsley that “you have to eat your dinner if you want a cookie” and Kinsley will yell “abah ato bu bu a ooo!” (which I roughly translate to “come upstairs and brush your teeth!”  They make each other laugh, or stay awake in the car and yes, cry.  But they are always looking out for each other.  Kinsley gets worried when Myla goes to school and is very excited to see her when she picks her up.  Myla will ask first thing in the morning when I wake her up “where’s Kinsley?” and sometimes will rush to put on her clothes to go wake up little sister.

splash (4)

As the summer winds down and we start to take stock of the memories we made, I think that it’s the moments when they are playing together that I will treasure the most.  The ones when Kinsley will take Myla her water cup first after playing outside or Myla will run to the slide on the playground and say “c’mon Kinsley!”  I will remember the bouncy castle and the swimming pool and the wagon rides.  And I will look forward to the leaf jumping and crunching, the snowman making, the…

Monday, September 3, 2012

One project down!

This weekend was one we’ve been waiting for all summer.  Johnny has been working hard on the sprinkler system for our all dirt backyard.

new grass (7)new grass (8)

We had already moved the big piles of rocks earlier this year and planted a cute little tree in the hopes of shade someday.  And now that we had it leveled and prepped, sprinklered and ready, it was grass time.

new grass (4)new grass (5)

It took a couple of hours but we got it all down.  Myla was a big helper in rolling it all down and Kinsley was a big helper by napping.  :)  And after it was down, we did what any self-respecting sod layer would do -

new grass (1)new grass (2)

We ran through the sprinklers.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Adventures in Mini-golf

Friday was a special day because Johnny got to be sort-of off to spend time with the girls.  (I say sort-of because he’s never off, his work phone is constantly ringing.)  The day passed so quickly for them that Johnny didn’t have time to think about what was for dinner.  I seized upon the opportunity to make it a family outing and do dinner and mini golf.

adventures in mini golf (5)adventures in mini golf (3)

I’d been wanting to take the girls for awhile, even though I knew that Kinsley wouldn’t really know what to do and Myla would didn’t know much more.  But it was about making memories and so we made a night of it.  We went to Qdoba for dinner, the girls got special necklaces for our family “date” and then we went to the course.

adventures in mini golf (6)

I was pleasantly surprised actually.  Kinsley made it though 11 holes before it became more fun to chase the baby bunnies and Myla even got a couple of hole-in-ones before we were done. 

adventures in mini golf (1)adventures in mini golf (7)

And then we did what any good family outing wraps up with – ice cream.  We had a lot of fun and Myla (who’s been all about exciting stuff these days) even asked if we could go do mini-golf and ice cream one more time before we went home.  I’d say that’s a ringing endorsement.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


preemie reunion sisters

Saturday was the annual preemie reunion, which I always love to go to because I want to show Myla off.  This year, Myla loved to go to it because they had prizes and dancers and fun things to do.  Kinsley had a great time too playing in the swimming pool full of water and looking for babies.  The girls got matching flowers on their arms and Myla did some crafts and played some games.  We only saw two of our nurses this time, but they both were excited to see us and thought Myla was beautiful.  They still check in on her health (can’t take the nurse out of the person even if they are at a luau) and are very happy to hear that she is “normal.”  It was a lot of fun for all of us.


first day of pre k (1)Myla started her first day of pre-kindergarten on Monday, and while it wasn’t quite the kick in the stomach for me as last year, she didn’t even seem fazed.  In fact, I went to kiss her goodbye and she said “okay, mom, bye!”  Her teachers (Ms. Jelly-bean and Ms. Teddy-bear) seem very nice and totally interested in each kid and she has a couple of friends from last year that are with her too.  I still rushed to go pick her up, and true to Myla form, she didn’t tell me a thing about her day.  But she did get a sticker for listening, so I guess that is a good sign!  She's the smallest girl in her class so far, and yet so big all at once.

And Check-ups

too tiredKinsley had her 18 month check up on Monday – 18 months!? – and it was the first time with her new doctor, so she tried hard to be impressive.  She climbed up and down the stool, talked and didn’t even cry when the nurse gave her a shot.  She’s gaining fast on Myla – 32 1/2 inches tall and 26 pounds 12 ounces.  Her doctor thought she was perfect, healthy and happy – and yes, impressive.

Myla had a check-in with her eye doctor and I’m proud to say that after almost five years, we have finally been released!  Her eyes were 20/20 and she has no signs of cross-eyes or lazy eyes, which is seen a lot in preemies.  They thought that her eyes were beautiful blues – but of course!

We've been very blessed with these two girls.  And had so much fun in the process.  They certainly keep us on our toes!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Floppy hats and pretty shirts

floppy hat (1)
Our little girls are such… girls sometimes.  They love to walk around and wear necklaces, or dress up as Cowgirl Myla and Sheriff Kinsley.  We’ve had many pretend picnics and parties and balls, and worn many necklaces, medals and scarves.  And sometimes, there’s just something in the store that you have to try on, or a box of clothes will arrive in the mail that you have to see how it looks.

fancy shirt (2)It always amazes me how two little awesome beings could come from two tiny little cells.  They are happy and smart and funny – you should see the things that Myla comes up with when she’s playing or watch Kinsley walk around the house chattering away.  They are so sweet when it comes to giving hugs goodnight or recently, Myla will randomly say “Love ya’ mom.”  Its been great fun watching them grow and change each day.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about family and making memories.  My friend Kate just found out that her mom is terminally ill and each day I’m thankful for my family.  For my mom and dad.  For these two sweet smiles that greet me in the morning.  For each and every moment that we get to spend laughing and talking and being together. 
duets (2)
Wow – I didn’t mean to make this such a mushy post.  Sorry mom, should have put a disclaimer at the top huh?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Dancing and Singing

fairy tale dance camp (11)

For the last five weeks, Myla has been going to a fairy-tale dance camp.  Its been pretty neat, they read a princess story and then the teacher attempts to teach a bunch of 4-5 year old girls some ballet to the songs that go with the stories.  Myla has really had a good time and spends a lot of the week asking when dance class is again.  There’s only one more though, so we need to be looking long and hard at a new class to send her to.  I’m sure it won’t be the same because Miss Jessica won’t be her teacher, but once she gets into it, she’ll like it just as much.  School starts up again soon as well, so between school, gymnastics and a dance class, this girl should be smart and graceful – a good combo I think.

milk cup

Kinsley has discovered a love of singing and will walk around the house singing at the top of her lungs.  Especially if she is holding or close to a guitar.  Or if Myla has been singing a song in the car, Kinsley will join right in and just keep on going.  Its pretty cute to hear her go.  When she isn’t singing, she’s been picking up a lot of words – shoe, bubble, ball, balloon.  And she lights up when her big sister comes around or has been off somewhere and comes back.  She’s growing super fast (it seems) and I’m anxious to see what the doctor says for her 18 month check up.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mini Vacation

Yesterday, we kidnapped Johnny away from his job (he worked 70 hours last week, he deserved it!) and went up the hill a little bit to Heritage Square.  It was a break from the constant question on if he has to go in or not and from the projects yet to get done around here.  And truth be told, it was a lot of fun.


Myla got to ride a few rides that she was barely tall enough for and a few others with her man of the hour.  She thought that it was all just for her.  Kinsley didn’t get to ride on as many things, but she had a lot of fun watching Myla and the other kids run around.  She did get to spend some time with her big sister in the jumpy castle, which, can I just say, was just about the cutest thing.


We spent some time before coming home eating ice cream and deciding what was the best part about the day.  Was it the rides?  The train?  The ice cream?  Johnny and I think it was just being together and happy, but Myla thought it was the swings. 


Both of the girls fell asleep on the way home and so we knew that there was no way they were going to bed at the “normal” bed time.  Instead, they wrapped up the day running in circles with their daddy’s shirts on their heads, laughing.  And right then, I changed my mind as to the best part of the day.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Kinsley, Meet Chair

first goose egg

Today, Kinsley tried to climb up a high stool at my parents house and it, in turn, decided to fall on her.  I know you can’t see it really well in this picture, but she has a nice goose egg right in the middle of her little forehead and a bruise on her nose.  She didn’t let it bother her though, she seems to not even notice, except when you want to wash her face, or take of her shirt.  Really though, she’s pretty happy.  (Reminds me of the time when Myla ran into a swing and got a shiner.)  Kinsley seems to be growing each day she wakes up and has finally gotten the fourth tooth in the front bottom to poke through.  She has gotten them in such a strange order, but still eats like its going out of style.  Teeth, schmeeth.  She is learning so much every day and is a very good mommy to her babies.  If you ask her where they are, she’ll go and find one and hug it or hold it.  Its very sweet.

candy factory

Last week, the girls and I went on a tour of Hammonds Candy Factory here in Denver.  The wait to get in for a tour was long, the tour itself was short, but the candy!  Myla would have had one of everything if she could.  We finally settled on a pretty big cherry sucker that she’s still working on.  Then they gave us a “sample” on the way out – a full size wintergreen candy cane that she was so excited to give to her daddy.  Myla’s been doing a ballet class that she is really enjoying and this week is going to another mini-school learning about things under the sea.  I love to hear her imagination going – lately its about “somebody is in trouble” and she has to go save her.  Its kind of cute to see her in her princess crown and flying off to save someone.  Who says that princesses can’t be superheros?

Last week, we got a visit from some cousins that had Myla so excited she couldn’t stand it.  Kinsley held her own while they were playing, but Myla got to have a sleepover in the basement with them and thought that was pretty cool.  She was bummed when they had to leave, and she still asks when she can sleep with her cousins again.  I think she loves them…

cousin visit July 12 (9)cousin visit July 12 (1)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Our Miss Independences

4th of July 2012 (2)

Happy Fourth of July!  Here we are, smack dab in the middle of summer and haven’t melted yet, even though we’ve been through some really hot days.  Johnny has been trying to get the swamp cooler going for the upstairs bedrooms mostly but to no avail.  I suppose since we’re already half way there, we’ll just keep truckin’ along without it!  We’ve been busy enough that even though it makes it hard for the girls to fall asleep, once they do, they fall hard.

July 4 2012 (3)

Myla has been busy riding her bike with my dad and swimming as much as she can convince us to.  Today, she decorated her bike for the parade before a day at the pool.  She also spent a week at a little day camp learning about fairy tale magic.  In the mean time, she’s been practicing writing her letters – especially her name, its everywhere! – and her cutting skills.  She tells us every night that she wants to do something exciting, although we aren’t sure what she thinks is exciting.  I’m pretty safe with guessing concerts in the park, or the pool, but after that I’m stuck.  Next week she starts a little dance camp that I hope she will like.  She seems to be getting taller too, but when I measured her last night, she came up to the mark made in May.  Maybe I’m just going crazy.

peek a boo (1)

Kinsley has been practicing her stair climbing and is very interested in what’s cooking for dinner.  She loves to be up and watching us stir or cook, even though it makes us really nervous for her to be up there.  We don’t bother much with putting the ottomans in front of the stairs anymore except to slow her down from climbing over them.  She also loves to play hide-and-seek with Myla and will bend down to look under tables or couches and will even do a version of counting with her hands over her eyes while she’s walking.  She’s a real good eater and has developed a liking for blueberries – something she got from her dad.

Johnny has almost got the sprinkler system in and in a short while, we should have some grass in our dirt backyard.  It will be nice as we transition into the late days of summer to be back on the deck while the girls run crazy on the grass.  Its fun to see them play and the backyard is slowly transitioning into a good place for it.