Friday, July 31, 2009

Walking with dinosaurs

Today, after a bit of sleeping in, we packed up and went to Dinosaur Ridge. We didn't really know what we were in for, but we knew it was outside and a walk. Boy was it a walk! Uphill, you know the drill in Colorado. We made it about half way up and saw all sorts of things in the rocks.

They had one area that was a "highway" of dinosaur tracks. Big ones, little ones all going their different ways. Another rock had impressions of leaves and another of the rippling water. It was a nice day for a hike too, even Myla got out of her stroller for a bit of it.
Myla had the most fun climbing the few stairs we found and watching the kids climbing with us. Just this morning she looked so big in her highchair, but when we got up there, she was miniature! And that's the small print!
After we came down, we had lunch together and ran a few errands. On the way home to take a nap, "We Will Rock You" came on the radio and Myla and Johnny clapped along to the beat. It was pretty cute!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I don't speak monkey

Myla had her quarterly check in with the speech therapist today. Its only the second time she's seen her, so we didn't know what to expect. But she confirmed that Myla is coming along ahead of schedule. There are a few things that we still have to adjust her age for - the walking, the talking - but Myla is comprehending things at her chronological age, which is pretty darn good. She was talking in her gibberish baby talk a lot while the gal was here and when she left, she said that she loves coming to these kinds of appointments because she gets to play instead of "evaluate." It was still a relief to hear even though we knew she was doing great. One of the things she told us to do was to expand on her words - her newest word is flower, so when she says flower we should say, yes those are pretty flowers. It kind of makes me feel like a broken record, but I guess you have to learn somehow right?

I have the day off on Friday (I worked an event last Saturday and have to burn the overtime, ah nuts!) and I don't know what we're going to do. Its a rare treat to have that much family time together so it should be something fun right? We'll keep you updated!

Friday, July 24, 2009

You look fabulous!

Myla has discovered a love of hats. She will dig through her bag to find her sun hat, and plop it on her head and go about her way. Today she spent with A2, and discovered all sorts of hats - boat hats, sun visors and a cowgirl hat. I think I might have to pull out some of my hats for her to play with - even though a baseball hat can only be so much fun. Her other favorite thing to do is walk around singing "puppy, puppy" - seems to be her new favorite word. Funny though, I think Haley knew that she was looking for her cause all of a sudden she wanted to go outside...

Myla also learned today of another Myla in the world - Roger Federer's wife had twins and one of them is named Myla. Not that we know them, or tennis really for that matter. But that brings our total of knowing anyone with that name up to four - counting our Myla of course. I know, someday she'll be embarrassed, but I thought it was kind of cool.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another busy week

Myla had another busy week of this learning stuff. Its amazing how much you have to learn as a little one! Monday, she got to go to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science with her little friend Hailey on the free day. Johnny said she LOVED it. They got there early before the crowds so Myla could get right up and see things. She had such a blast pointing at everything and almost jumping up and down. Her favorite were the animal dioramas, and Mr. Bones - the nice man that walks around with the foam dinosaur bone skeleton on his back.

Hailey doesn't have her feet under her quite like Myla does, so Myla made sure she got to see everything too.

On Friday, Myla got to go to gymnastics again with her A2. Aim said she was really into it this time, even went twice around the bars with Coach Dave. She tried to skip and go straight to the trampoline, but she did really good. She loves to tumble now, even using Johnny as jungle-gym sometimes. This week is Aim's "last" Friday before all the stuff around school starts up again. Thanks Aim for taking Myla!

Saturday, we hoped in Grandfather's van and trekked an hour into the mountains for a Witulski picnic. We got to see a lot of cousins and play in the dirt and on the swings. Myla's favorite part of the day by far was riding in Uncle Roger's 1918 Buick. She would laugh whenever we went over the bumps and she loved to hear all the sounds the car could make - whistles, aaa-ooo-gah! and sirens. She would run out when the car came back and sometimes would run after it when it left. She got to go three times and loved it more each one.

She looks so big lately (and is definitely asserting her independence), but we are having the best time! I think I might need a mental health day just so I get to play too!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

And she's off!

Myla has been practicing her walking all week and now she rarely gets down to crawl. She loves to walk holding something - or two somethings - and taking it from one place to another. She has these two bouncy balls that she'll throw at the same time. Of course she can only chase one, but that doesn't diminish the fun! Occasionally she'll have her hands up in the air like when we would walk with her, but over all, she just goes. She has also discovered the beauty of digital cameras and loves to see the pictures you take of her. She knows that when that silver box comes out, you smile and get to see a baby on the back - she's no dummy.

Today, Myla and I went to Aim's pool to beat some of this heat. This time she was really into it. I would sit her up on the ledge and she would lean/jump off of it into my arms and laugh and smile. She would kick her little legs or splash me and Aim. I think I messed her up though. I let her stand on the step in the pool and play and then tonight, when we got in the bath, she stood the whole time. Do you know how hard it is to wash a baby when they are standing? Ugh. But she got clean, and that has to count for something.

We are also very excited about the newest addition to the Washburn family, debuting on 7/7 (lucky kid). Laphi Kingston was born to Kirsty and Tony healthy and strong. We can't wait to meet him!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day!

It rained...... Not the whole day and not a severe thunderstorm like we've experienced lately, but it was raining. There we sat on the outer rim of the wet, grassy bowl facing an outdoor stage with Myla in her stroller, me sitting next to her holding an umbrella for her in one hand with one for myself in the other, next to Kara who was sitting under Kathi's umbrella. Luckily there was a break so we could eat our sandwiches and chips awaiting the concert to begin. Myla must have walked us around the park several times over the course of the evening in her little cupcake sandals that didn't keep her feet dry at all. (bad planning on our part) But soon she was in her jammies and sweater covered in a blankie watching fireworks that seemed almost within reach.

We listened to this a-capella band called the Nylons. They're Canadians.... They put on a good show and were even kinda funny between songs while they caught their breath, it's the elevation. But Myla was the most fun to watch with her stumbling all over the grass, gazing at the other kids throwing a football and running around. She was the smallest of the kids out there. But when those fireworks went off with all their thunderings and claps and flashes Myla nearly lept off our laps in excitement, pointing and ooohing... She was so much fun to watch and hear her enjoyment.

Our little girl is growing up. She walks by herself like a drunkard and says things like "I did it!" and "I got it!" in her little toddler voice that's just so darling. Soon she'll be 16 and spending the summer in Omaha at Grammy and G-Daddy's.... J/K. We look forward to everyday that we can spend with her and see what she learns and find the magic in little things again.