Saturday, December 27, 2008

5 second rule

Myla and I were just playing (and I do mean just - it was like 20 minutes ago) with her fridge farm. She grabbed a piece off the fridge and took it in both hands to look at it. But wait, what was holding her up? Her little feet! Myla stood there - STOOD there - for about five seconds examining this piece before putting it back on the fridge. Pretty fitting milestone for coming home one year ago today huh?

Friday, December 26, 2008

Only 364 days to go

Merry Christmas! We hope that yours was as merry as ours was. It was so nice to spend the day with the family and wonder at our little Myla and how she can crawl so fast! Myla had a very good Christmas. She was spoiled with hugs and kisses and a few presents came her way too. She got puzzles and books and clothes and stuffed animals and a tunnel to crawl through and a quilt and... so much more!

She visited with family and showed off and had such a great day. And we did too, just watching her and marveling at how far she's come from just a short year ago. She had ham and green beans and pasta for Christmas Eve dinner and prime rib, potatoes and carrots for Christmas. She's just done so well. She loved every minute. She's an eater, that's for sure. She got to play with cousins and aunts and uncles, got to pull up and squat down, and chase Uncle Scott's dog. It was a full day!

We got spoiled a bit too (Phantom tickets! Indoor skydiving! Batteries for the drill so we can FINALLY finish the deck!). But most of all, and I think I speak for her dad her too, we were just so thankful. We were truly blessed with awesome doctors and nurses and a true miracle baby that powered through it all. She definitely had a guardian angel watching over her and we are so overwhelmed by the joy and love that she has brought into our lives. Those commercials say that having a baby changes everything, and while I knew that it would, I had no idea it would be by this much. She made Christmas so much fun and full of child-like wonder for us. I just loved watching her discover all the new toys and figuring out what they could do. This next year is going to fly by too, and I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Getting in the Spirit

Its amazing how having a little one around during the Christmas season seems to make everything a little more fun. We see things in a whole new way through Myla's eyes - the village, the tree, the presents. Even the wrapping paper. Its all so different for her, new I guess. Sometimes, she crawls under the tree and I don't know how, but she knows which ones are her presents and she'll shake them. I don't think its to try and figure out what it is, but more because she's found something new. I just hope she still likes them when the wrapping paper is off.

Myla is getting more and more table food - she had meatloaf the other night, yummy! - and has figured out how to drink from her sippy cup while holding it herself. She'll drink water from it just fine, but don't try to sneak in some milk, that only comes from bottles. We'll keep working on it. She's taken a couple of steps by herself behind her little stroller while pushing it and has ventured out to walking along walls and cabinets. She'll be upright soon I'm guessing. Until then, she will crawl at supersonic speeds. She discovered underneath the table the other night - like a little fort. That was pretty neat.

I have to tell you the story behind this adorable hat. Last year, Myla got a Christmas dress, preemie size, and if you recall, she still swam in it. Well, the dress came with matching booties and this hat, which this year fits her little head perfectly. The booties do too. Now, I don't know which preemie they measured the hat for, but it is NOT preemie size, its Myla size. And doesn't she make it look good?!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Parade of Lights

The whole way there in the car Myla was laughing at her Auntie Aimee, she must have thought something was pretty funny. She's doing more and more little things as she grows. Feeding herself is a big thing! We can hardly feed her with a spoon at times without little fingers and hands breaking in there and taking over. Anyway, it took a short time to find a good spot on the street for the parade but we just held Myla up so she could see. The people around her were half the entertainment for her, she's always people watching. Her little face was priceless as the big balloons slowly wafted by and the string people making the balloon spin in place. Myla enjoyed the drums too, she would bounce and wave her arms as they go thundering by.

Luckily the weather held out for it too. Even the night before was frigid, but there are still some mild winter days left for us, not a lot, but some. Myla is really crawling lately, picking up some speed. She will push her little stroller and dolly around the living room for as long as we'll let her. She's mostly on her knees and she'll flatten out on her tummy, still holding on, and kick her legs and start all over again. I guess it's fun in her little mind. She's very much a Daddy's girl these days which makes me feel really special. I don't know what it is but I'm glad to have so much love before she's a teenager and thinks I'm a square....

Monday, December 1, 2008

Counting Blessings

What a Thanksgiving weekend! A far cry from last year huh? Myla had a great time charming her great-grandparents that came into town for the festivities. She laughed and played and had fun mocking her mom's cough which also came in time for the long weekend. Plus, her A2 had her golden birthday this past weekend - she turned 29 on the 29th - and had a fun party to mark the occasion. Myla was the belle of the ball in her holiday season dress fresh from Grandma Witulski's sewing room. She had so much fun watching the kids and meeting new faces that she slept almost a full 12 hours!

Sunday it snowed all day and so we spent the day watching the Bronco game and Myla take her birthday car out for a spin. She was so much fun to watch crawl behind it and sometimes flatten out if it went a little to fast. She loves to play games and laugh and doing things all by herself, even eating. She got to try a little mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving, some stuffing, cranberries, rolls and a small piece of turkey. She's decided its much more fun to feed yourself than some old spoon. We're taking it slow, trying new things and learning that sometimes just because its gone, doesn't mean that it made its way into the tummy.

I'm sure you're tired of hearing it, but we've been thinking a lot about where we were last year and just being so thankful that everything is going so well. We have not stopped giving thanks for our nurses and doctors and want to send a virtual thank you to all those out there that are helping babies and families through this season. Thank you for being there and for your love and your shoulders and continued prayers.