Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Winding down

splash (2)

You know how sometimes you just wish that you were a kid again and there were no worries, just a pool on the deck, a slide, some water and an uncommonly warm September day?  Myla and Kinsley have been making up a lot of games together lately – sometimes it involves running across the room and diving into a pile of pillows, or chasing each other through the tent and tunnel in the basement, or putting their babies to sleep in the fort that they built in the family room.  They really are pretty good friends.

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They also take pretty good care of each other.  Myla will tell Kinsley that “you have to eat your dinner if you want a cookie” and Kinsley will yell “abah ato bu bu a ooo!” (which I roughly translate to “come upstairs and brush your teeth!”  They make each other laugh, or stay awake in the car and yes, cry.  But they are always looking out for each other.  Kinsley gets worried when Myla goes to school and is very excited to see her when she picks her up.  Myla will ask first thing in the morning when I wake her up “where’s Kinsley?” and sometimes will rush to put on her clothes to go wake up little sister.

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As the summer winds down and we start to take stock of the memories we made, I think that it’s the moments when they are playing together that I will treasure the most.  The ones when Kinsley will take Myla her water cup first after playing outside or Myla will run to the slide on the playground and say “c’mon Kinsley!”  I will remember the bouncy castle and the swimming pool and the wagon rides.  And I will look forward to the leaf jumping and crunching, the snowman making, the…

Monday, September 3, 2012

One project down!

This weekend was one we’ve been waiting for all summer.  Johnny has been working hard on the sprinkler system for our all dirt backyard.

new grass (7)new grass (8)

We had already moved the big piles of rocks earlier this year and planted a cute little tree in the hopes of shade someday.  And now that we had it leveled and prepped, sprinklered and ready, it was grass time.

new grass (4)new grass (5)

It took a couple of hours but we got it all down.  Myla was a big helper in rolling it all down and Kinsley was a big helper by napping.  :)  And after it was down, we did what any self-respecting sod layer would do -

new grass (1)new grass (2)

We ran through the sprinklers.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Adventures in Mini-golf

Friday was a special day because Johnny got to be sort-of off to spend time with the girls.  (I say sort-of because he’s never off, his work phone is constantly ringing.)  The day passed so quickly for them that Johnny didn’t have time to think about what was for dinner.  I seized upon the opportunity to make it a family outing and do dinner and mini golf.

adventures in mini golf (5)adventures in mini golf (3)

I’d been wanting to take the girls for awhile, even though I knew that Kinsley wouldn’t really know what to do and Myla would didn’t know much more.  But it was about making memories and so we made a night of it.  We went to Qdoba for dinner, the girls got special necklaces for our family “date” and then we went to the course.

adventures in mini golf (6)

I was pleasantly surprised actually.  Kinsley made it though 11 holes before it became more fun to chase the baby bunnies and Myla even got a couple of hole-in-ones before we were done. 

adventures in mini golf (1)adventures in mini golf (7)

And then we did what any good family outing wraps up with – ice cream.  We had a lot of fun and Myla (who’s been all about exciting stuff these days) even asked if we could go do mini-golf and ice cream one more time before we went home.  I’d say that’s a ringing endorsement.