Thursday, December 23, 2010


What have we been up to lately? Oh, you know, the usual...
Myla had her BFF over for a day. Johnny made them a tent. They wore him out.

We made Christmas cookies that swelled up into pretty much one big pan of cookie and not the cute little shapes we cut them into.

We went with the family to see lights at Hudson Gardens and ice cream afterward. It was awesome.

So you know, a little bit of this, little bit of that... just been having fun and enjoying the season. Myla is having the best time looking for Bentley every morning and having a special countdown Christmas chocolate at night. She's very excited for Santa to come, even though if we were to take her to see him she would cry and run away. Its going to be a lot of fun to watch her this year. I'm really looking forward to it too!

Baby update... we had a check in with the doctor two weeks ago where she measured exactly where she should be and was even making noticeable breathing motions on the ultrasound, which is apparently hard to see at that stage. Then we found out that the fluid around baby was a little low, so we went back this week for another test to make sure everything else was good. Baby passed the test beautifully and the fluid was up a couple of points. I'm on a "rest period" every night when I get home and drinking more water than any normal person should, but its helping so that's what we'll continue to do. That's what the doctor says, and I'm sticking with my doctor. Johnny and Myla have been amazing in helping out when I'm down and we've played a lot of the Elmo memory game, but its been good. Another check-in comes on Tuesday, although no ultrasound this time. They will probably want more blood from me. Drat!