Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The most fun part

You know how they always say, "you get them a toy, they play with the box."  We've noticed that on a number of occasions (I've got a few pictures in my stash to prove it) and we've always been amazed at what these imaginative girls come up with.  Its become harder as Kinsley grows to make them both happy - you know, the she's-got-it-and-I-want-it syndrome.  (Actually, Kinsley just says "me too" and we know what that means.)  Its always fun to see them playing together too.  Just last night, Johnny and I had the pleasure of watching the "Myla and Kinsley Show" in the basement.  We were laughing so hard - it was just too darn cute - Kinsley would pop out of the tent when Myla would say "and here's Kinsley!" and she would wave and clap.  Then Myla would come across the stage and take a bow.  It was great entertainment.

And so, in honor of our 301st(!?) post on our little blog here, please allow yourself a moment to remember enjoying being a kid and playing with the box.