Friday, February 22, 2008

She's huge!

Myla had her four month check up yesterday. She tipped the scales at EIGHT pounds, 7 1/2 ounces. And she stretched out to an even 20 inches long. She's huge! When he plotted her growth on the chart, it was almost a straight up shot! Along with the check up came four immunization shots and a prick on the big toe for iron levels. That was not fun. But she didn't scream as loud or as long as some of the other kids we've heard in there. All in all, the doctor said that she was doing great, and she looked like a normal little baby. He was very happy with her growth and told us to just keep doing what we are doing. And he doesn't want to see us again until her six month check up!

She had a home oxygen test today to see about kicking the oxygen habit. They wanted to test her while she was eating, awake and sleeping to see what her saturation levels were. She did really great on the first two, and then her levels tanked when she fell asleep. So, dad made a call to the supply people and ordered one more month of oxygen.

She's a pretty good baby. She's started really watching things with contrasting colors and even tracking us a little bit with her eyes. She's really strong too. Her little head is up a lot and she kicks like crazy with her legs. Almost shot herself off mom's lap one day. She loves to swing and talk to her Carebear that her Aunt Aimee gave her in the hospital. She loves it when we sing to her too - maybe remembering from our time in the NICU. She's just an awesome little being.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Our big little girl is doing so well! She went in for a shot on Saturday and weighed 7 pounds 11 ounces! She is just growing and eating, just like she should. She's even started cooing a little bit which is a nice change from all the grunting.

We went for a check-up with the eye doctor today. Her left eye has developed stage 2 ROP, but her right eye is holding steady. The doctor wasn't concerned about it, he just said we'll continue to watch it. So, we go back in two weeks! While we were waiting for her eyes to dialate, we met another NICU mom (not from our NICU, but we're all part of an elite club now.) Her twin boys were born at 28 weeks, and the smallest one weighed 2 pounds 2 ounces. He just got discharged four days ago. She was shocked when I told her how small Myla was, cause she looks so big and healthy now! Sometimes we look at her and are so thankful for the fight she had in her to be such a big girl now.

We've started putting her in her crib for her daytime naps. Its kind of a trick to find a place for the oxygen tube where she can't yank on it. But she does well once she gets to sleep. She looks so tiny in her crib. But she's almost four months! Where has the time gone!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Doctor Updates

We went to the doctors yesterday as promised. Her peditrician says that Myla is doing "really, really good." He was impressed with her weight gain - she's 7 pounds 3/4 ounce now! Her oxygen test went well too, she stayed in the upper 80's, but we still have the Tin Man with us for three more weeks. They like to see mid-90's on oxygen saturation. So, when we go in for her four month check-in, we'll try again!

Her eyes are starting to get better too. The blood vessels have moved into stage 3, which means they are growing again, and the ROP is now back to stage 1 in both eyes. We are still watching that too, and will go back in two weeks for another check-up.

She looks so big sometimes and is starting to be more awake and focused. The peditrician told us to talk to her all the time, tell her what we are doing when we change her clothes and diapers and so on. This helps her get a grasp on the language. Her dad was so cute last night, "and now I'm going to snap you up, one snap, two snap, three snap!" She watches us too when we are talking to her. I can't wait for her to start cooing and talking back! Its going to be so much fun!