Friday, March 30, 2012

I think they might be crazy

These girls are so full of personality and spunk and craziness, there is sometimes nothing to do but laugh along with them.  The sunshine and spring has made them sleep hard and play even harder – we’re just trying to keep up with them.  Here’s a sampling of our fun lately…

dressing crazy (1)Myla surprised us by coming down the stairs with our socks on her hands and legs and her daddy’s sandals on her feet and her shoes on her hands.  She dug through the clean laundry and picked four different socks.

tacosKinsley will eat, oh, anything.  She’s had pickles, pepperoni, and that all over her face?  Tacos.  Some of it does seem to end up on the seat next to her, but she will scream if you don’t give her more before she’s full.

fast asleepRemember when I said they were sleeping hard – so hard that Myla couldn’t even make it all the way up onto her bed.  Honestly, we took this at 9:30 at night.

playing cars (1)Kinsley is just everywhere, and she loves to push her little car while she goes.  She will say “vroom!” and push it and then chase after it.  Another favorite toy for the moment – the side table with the lamp on it.  Look mom!  It moves!

And many, many more memories and fun times being had by all…

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring already!?

coloring (1)

We’ve had a number of really nice days already that have given us all a chance to play outside, plan a backyard and garden and take wagon rides with the dog.  It has been good for all the fresh air to come flowing through the windows.  Myla is most excited for the tulips and other flowers that are popping up and Kinsley is … really enjoying being down in the dirt.  She isn’t afraid of the grass either and she much happier down on the ground moving.

Myla selfie

Myla is busy learning lots of new things – big words like “expedition” or how to write her letters or how to take pictures of herself (she must have been taking lessons from A2).  Her imagination has taken us to the circus in the basement and into the fort from the Kinsley-monster and on searches with Hailey-dog in the backyard.  She had a random fever last weekend that made her less than her tornado self and had us worried for a little while, but she kicked it and today ran 3/4s of the way on our walk.


Kinsley has decided that she’s quite the funny girl and sometimes will say something and then laugh.  She is a big talker and sometimes I can almost make out what sounds like complete words and sentences.  She loves to play with her sister and still thinks its very funny to pull her hair.  Kinsley is everywhere and has begun trying to stand on her own and will walk with us while holding on to our pants.  Another step closer to chasing down that sister!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Omaha Trip


We got news of a new niece in Omaha born in December, so the first weekend in March, we packed up the car and headed out for the baby blessing.  It was Kinsley’s first loooong car trip and we weren’t sure how either of the girls would do, but we were pleasantly surprised.  Of course, we left at 4:30 in the morning and they slept the first leg of the trip… details, details.  On the way out to Omaha, we stopped in York and had some ice cream to break up that last part, and on the way home, we stopped in Wiggins for lunch.  The last hour was hard for them, but they hung in there and I think its safe to say we’ll do it again.


It was fun to be with the family and to see all the Washburn cousins together.  No more room on the couch though… Myla had the best time playing with her cousins and even went to see the Lorax movie with her Auntie Becky and Miss Crissy.  (Such a funny girl, after she got in her seat, she said “I won’t be scared mom, bye!”  He, he!)  Kinsley was content to walk around the furniture or to scoot around from room to room.  The only part they didn’t like was those winds that whipped us around from the time we crossed the state line until we were home. 

Thanks family for having us around on Isabella’s special weekend!  Here’s some more cousin fun!


Myla was so good holding baby Isabella.  She loved to keep track of that new baby!


Cousin Kaidy brought princess dresses to play in.  Aurora and Rapunzel.  So cute!


See my little ham – she was “playing” golf with cousin Tank but saw the camera and came in for a picture.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

One Year Old!

DSCN2670There she is – our one year old baby girl!  Its crazy to think how fast the past year has flown.  And she has grown so fast.  (Part of that I think is that she wants to keep up with that big sister of hers.)  Her actual birth day was spent kind of low key because she really needed the almost three hour nap she took to finish kicking a cold.  But we made up for it at the party.  The day before, Kinsley went to the doctor and measured at 29 1/4 inches and 22 pounds 13 ounces.  He thought she looked really good and happy and healthy.  (Officially he said the cold wasn’t in her lungs, which was a good thing for me to hear.  No more RSV here, thank you.)  And then he gave her permission to eat cake!

DSCN2701For the party, we had our friends and family over to celebrate.  Holly’s brother made Kinsley a great cake with a purple hippo on top.  Kinsley got the hippo and tore it apart.  I think she may have tried a little bit of the cake, but it was way more fun to make a mess.  She really enjoyed just playing around with the people that were here.  Myla helped her open her presents and the other kids had fun playing with them.  It was a good day – and she was exhausted by the end of it. 


We are very much in love with this little one.  She is a true joy to be with and mostly very happy.  She’s become quite the ham for the camera and loves to smile at us.  Her new thing is also to give us hugs, over and over, which we don’t mind at all.  She has definitely developed her own personality and will voice her displeasure at being moved from someplace she wants to be.  She likes to play chase and be tickled and play with her tongue.  We love her, love her, love her!