Sunday, March 23, 2008

First Easter

Myla had a very busy first Easter day. She got to get all fancied up in her Easter dress and enjoy brunch and dinner with the extended family. The Easter bunny even came and gave her a pail full of goodies - a new dress, a doll and some fancy-pants tights. She's a pretty tired little girl after all the excitement.

She had a room air oxygen test last week. Her numbers were even better than the one before while she was awake and eating. But the technician didn't want to stick around the extra 10 minutes to wait for her to fall asleep. (VERY frustrating.) He said that he would put in a request for a machine to be dropped off so we could do it ourselves, but we have yet to see it. That was Tuesday. Tomorrow, I'm going to call and see if he did. We'll keep you posted.

Myla has really started to let her personality shine through. She's been very vocal and loves to watch rattles shake in front of her face. She hasn't figured out that you can grab on to it yet, but she's getting the hang of smacking things that dangle down from her chair and swing. She loves to watch the contrast of the sun and shade when it comes through the window and really tracks things with her eyes. She's so much fun to play with and watch her face light up when you make different sounds. She's almost got the hang of pushing up during tummy time too. Won't be long now!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bat those baby blues!

Myla had a check in with the eye doctor today. The news was mostly good, I think. Turns out that the blood vessels in her eyes are stuck. The got really close to all the way and they just stopped. She said it wasn't uncommon in babies with prolonged oxygen. But, she doesn't foresee any problems with Myla's vision and the blood vessels will get there, but it will probably be after the oxygen is turned off. So, we go back in two months now instead of two weeks for a regular vision check and they will look, but it won't be as much torture as it has been for her.

And you know what else she did today!? Myla was doing her tummy time on her hippo mat and ta da! She rolled over on to her back. Just like that. And just smiled and cooed! Of course, she didn't think it was so neat when I put her back on her tummy to do it again - kind of like, hey, I just got where I wanted to be! She's really been a happy baby today and very talkative. Of course, she did sleep through the night last night. That's right! 7 1/2 hours of uninterrupted sleep for mom - I mean baby. ;o) She's been eating a lot too, so I think she must be growing. Which is exactly what we want her to do.

Monday, March 10, 2008

On her way to 10!

Myla had a very big weekend. Her grandparents and aunts came in from Omaha for her blessing on Sunday. She was well loved and given lots of hugs. She looked very cute in her blessing dress and, even though she spent most of the day sleeping, she enjoyed every minute of it. The paparazzi came out in force and took lots of pictures.

She also had her last RSV shot for the season on Saturday. The amount that the shot is depends on her weight and so she had to be weighed again. (Ah, nuts!) She is now 9 pounds, 7 1/2 ounces - oh so close to 10! That's a pound in two weeks, an awesome gain. She's been interacting with us more and really started to coo and talk, to us - to her Carebear and now, to her turtle. She sleeps six hours at night, which is nice for us too. She is in her crib full time and loves all the room. Sometimes we find her completely spread out - kicked out of her blankets and arms spread wide.

One more trip to the eye doctor this week. Her left eye is just about "healed" but her right eye still has a little ways to go. We're really hoping that this appointment is our last for a little while. She's right about that magical time where its supposed to "disappear" and we are hoping that's the case. It would be nice to pare down the doctors. No offense to any doctors that might read this, but we're kind of tired of waiting rooms. Crossing our fingers!