Sunday, September 25, 2011

7 months now

7 months old (6)

Kinsley changes so much every day, its good that I’m (trying) to capture these month-iversaries.  Seven months old now and all of a sudden she has a neck.  And its very ticklish.  She does this funny breathless laugh when she’s happy, or excited – especially if it’s a bottle headed toward that eternally hungry mouth.  She loves to do action songs – like patty cake, or head/shoulders/knees and toes, or the itsty bitsy spider.  Her favorite thing is still to watch Myla and I think that sometimes she tries to get her attention in the car so that she can see her.  Just in the past few days, she’s started to lunge off to the side, another hint that she’s going to be off and running, okay, crawling soon.

Alice on stage (2)

Myla and I went to see a children’s production of Alice in Wonderland on Saturday.  There were a few parts right in the middle when she said she wanted to leave, but I’m glad we didn’t, because when we left, she thought it was so great, “mommy, I loved seeing Alice with you.”  Ahh, it could melt the hardest heart.  Today, she was the white rabbit, running around the house saying, I’m late, I’m late!  But tonight, we were pirates matey, sailing on the seventies (seven seas) and looking for treasure.  The rest of the time, she spends jumping and stomping so she can become taller in time for Halloween.

9-25-2011 (1)

Oh how these two melt our hearts!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


playing checkers

The weather can’t decide what its doing – 80, 60, 80, 60 – but we don’t mind.  It gives us a chance to explore and learn new things.  Who has more ambition - Johnny to try and teach Myla checkers, or her to want to learn?  Myla’s little sponge has grown since she started school, even though she takes a while to tell us what she learned.  They have been focusing on shapes and colors this month and she’s had a lot of fun going.  She’s also wasted no time in getting a cold which forced her to miss a day or two, but she’s loving it.  She’s also been going to gymnastics every week and today she was so excited to tell me what she did, I couldn’t believe it.  I think the whole month has made her grow so much.

Kinsley playing checkers

Kinsley has been using her own ambition in lunging forward after a toy or a Myla or a kitty.  Still not rolling over, and she can’t quite figure out how she got on her tummy once she gets what she wants.  This little action makes me think she’s not going to bother with the whole rolling thing – let’s get straight to crawling!  She’s not yet, but will in no time I’m afraid.  She too caught Myla’s cold but she’s been doing better a little every day.  No teeth, but she’s not letting that stop her – the basic baby food, or a little bit of biscuit, or cheese, or puffs.  She watches the spoon go to our mouths and sometimes smacks her lips.  She’s ready!

daddy and his girls 9-15-11

We celebrated Johnny’s birthday this week with some cherry cheesecake and time with his girls.  They think he’s pretty awesome – and he’s a little smitten too!

Monday, September 5, 2011

A Ducky Day

duck race 2011 (2)

Anyone who knows Myla – even maybe in passing – knows that she is a lover of ducks.  I’m not sure how she became such a collector, but she has ducks of every kind and sometimes they like to come with us as we travel.  So when my sister told me that  there is a rubber duck race in Breckenridge, it was a no brainer – Myla had to see it.  The treck up the mountain took a little longer than expected due to traffic (holiday weekend, who knew?) but once we got there, she was in duck heaven.

duck race 2011 (3)

We met my parents and watched a smaller race first.  They threw out some ducks of which Myla got three new ones – they came to dinner with us – and then we moved a little up river.  When the big race (like 5,000 ducks) got to where we were, she could not believe how many ducks there were.  “A waterfall of ducks!”  “So many ducks, I don’t know how they will catch them all!”  “There were five ducks mommy!”  She even got in on the action to throw some of them back into the main stream after they got stuck.  She played in the water and with ducks and was soaked and happy. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Preemie Reunion 2011

premie reunion 2011 (1)

Last Saturday was the annual preemie reunion at the hospital.  They had a cowboy and cowgirl theme this year with face painting and games and a stick horse race.  Myla won – what else – the duck you see in the picture by catching ducks in the pond.  She had a good time I think.  There weren’t as many of the nurses there as we have seen in the past, but the few that we did see thought she looked beautiful in her blue jean dress and asked if she was having fun being a big sister.  She was mostly shy, but gave her little smiles that let them know she was good.  Unless you asked about the ice cream face paint she got – now that was a big deal.

carrots (1)

Kinsley has moved on from just milk and cereal to scarfing down vegetables.  She didn’t flinch when she first tried green beans or make the slightest face with peas like Myla did.  Some of the time, she gets very upset when she eats it all gone, like she wants more.  Tonight, she worked on the whole hand-eye thing with some cheerios from her tray.  Most of them got fed to the dog, but there were a few that made it into her mouth.

We are excited for the long weekend ahead.  Its always nice when I get to turn off my alarm and get up at 6:30 instead of 5:00.  Man, I remember when I used to be able to go till 8:00.  Maybe I’ll ask for that for my birthday…