Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Springtime in the Rockies

The sunshine has returned again to Denver with a crystal clear blue 70 degree day today. Myla and her dad got a lot of yard work done and also took some time to break in her new swing from Easter. She really likes it a lot and its even more fun when the dog runs around for her to see. Myla also had her last - for the year and her life! - synagis shot this morning - weighing in at 17 pounds 4 ounces. Which is odd, because at her 18 month appointment just over a week ago, she was 17 pounds 9 ounces. So we've decided that she's 17 pounds and a half. Seems like a good compromise. But now we don't have a monthly weigh in until she's two! Oh, John says we'll use the house scale. She'll be facing forward in the car in no time!

Myla is so smart, every day she learns something new, which I guess isn't a big deal because all babies do it. But it amazes us. She can tell you where her mouth, eyes, nose, ears - and today she learned head - is. She loves to come sit with you on the floor and sprawl out or sit just like you are sitting. And if you can catch her mid-stride she will even walk holding on to only one of your hands, but she prefers two hands because she can go faster. Her favorite place to go walking is outside and look at all the flower buds popping up.

We are doing pretty good around here, just enjoying the sunshine and our little girl. Even after the worst day, her smile perks us up. John's job is good - stressful with the reorganization but good. We're just living life and thankful for all we have. Isn't that the way it should be?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Myla is sporting her new Easter outfit from Mam Mam or so she calls Grandmother Witulski. Not like mom but sounds more like ma'am. She said it once and now that's what we say when going to G-ma & G-pa's. Mam Mam, Pop Pop. We didn't hunt for eggs this year, due to rain and chilly weather, but next year Myla should have more fun with it. She did get a cool swing from the Easter bunny! She loves to swing so Dad will have to put it up in the back really soon. We had a nice time today with everyone, kinda low-key and relaxing.

This week Myla learned how to move the swiffer mop just like mom and dad, only on her butt, however, she was moving it back and forth as she has seen us do no doubt. It was really cute. She is trying to say more things like animal sounds and mimicking us when we sing short tunes and whatever the dog and cat say too. She loves mimicking the cat! Although sometimes it comes out as a scream, we understand what she's saying. ;o) I am really excited for our first little family vacation in June. Whenever we set a date for it. We would like to go to Canyon City and tool around there for a couple days or more and see the Royal Gorge and anything else that we can do with a little one.

Hope everybodys Easter was fun and magical too. Ours was good, but now Kara and I have a case of not feeling so good this evening, probably just need some good sleep again. That solves a lot of things... Tomorrow we have a day full of fun things, like doctor's appointments, picture taking of the 3 of us, and then whatever the heck we want after that, Gosh! (little Napoleon Dynamite for you) Lots of love and best wishes from all of us! ~smack!~

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What does April snow bring?

We sit inside on another snowy evening - and its not an April fool's joke! We got home just before it really started to blow and have spent a nice night in.

Myla and her dad had their weekly day together and played a lot. She is really into putting things in and taking them out again - shape sorters are the toy of the week. And talking! She'll tell you a whole story in das and las and doys. And sometimes, she'll laugh at the end of it, which is so sweet to hear. Myla has also been practicing her coloring skills today. She started doing it with a pen and so Johnny got some crayons. She didn't like the blue one so much, but had a great time with the red one. She tried coloring on everything. Luckily she doesn't put a lot of pressure on it yet.

I think the most amazing thing to me was to watch her hold it. She tried really hard to hold it like we do with our pens when we write. It was kind of fun to see her try and figure it out - the crayon would slip and she would try a different hold. I even tried to color with my whole fist around the crayon to show her, but she knows better. You could see the wheels turning.

And now, to put an end to all the speculation... Our framily the Tessems did this for their three kids. (Yes Jeff, I occasionally scroll to the bottom of your blog to see what you have hiding there.) We thought it was a fun idea and so we tried it. You asked, who does Myla look like? See for yourself...

Now you will be able to sleep tonight huh?