Sunday, June 29, 2008

8 Months and rollin'!

What a difference a month makes in a baby's life! Myla has learned to roll almost all the way over onto her tummy, if only that shoulder would move under her easier..... She enjoys standing, with mom and dad's help, and has developed a habit of spitting when she's annoyed. Myla went swimming twice this month at her Auntie's pool and loves to try and grab the bubbles, but don't even think about making her do the back stroke, she doesn't like it at all. She is getting so good at grabbing things with either or both hands and especially likes bending the little arc above her play mat when pulling a toy down to her.

Myla has discovered two kinds of baby cereal, rice and oatmeal. She Loves oatmeal! Sometimes it doesn't come fast enough and we still have to bottle feed her but that's okay. She gets a lot of it on her face too 'cause there's so much to see that she turns her head while the spoon is in her mouth, she does that with the bottle too. But this weekend will be so cool and exhausting for our little Punkin, her Grammy and G-Daddy are coming out to see her, give her love and toys ;o). Maybe we'll be able to hang out on our deck in the backyard if I can ever get it finished by then. We'll see.

Myla's mommy and daddy are feeling old this weekend after working in the yard and cleaning the bedroom all day Saturday. Daddy was so tired he went to bed at 7pm and didn't wake up until 8am! What a slacker.....says mommy. ;o) Hopefully Myla will have another and last oxygen test this week. She can sit by herself most of the time, she just gets a little wobbly and leans to one side or the other but she's getting there. What a cutie pie, she loves to people watch and her hearing is great, she turns her head towards all the sounds. Tummy time is becoming more fun and she usually lasts longer too, just grabbing at things, using her legs but her newest thing is a type of Johnny-Jump-Up. It's not quite the same as the old version but it helps her use her legs and has a little tray to put toys on. I think she's catching on to it. There's so much to say about my little miracle but we'll save some content for the next posting.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rockin' the cereal baby!

See, I knew it would only be a matter of time and she would be all over that cereal thing! Myla is lovin' it! It takes her a minute to remember what she's doing when we first start, but after that, its more, more, more! Sometimes, we can't get it in there fast enough. So, now that we know she likes it and knows how to eat it, we'll start doing it twice a day and maybe mix it up with some barley or something. Or, I don't know, what else do you feed a baby just starting out?

We had the day time oxygen test last week and she did famously - as expected. In fact, her numbers were 95-96 when she was awake and eating, but her tummy hurt and she didn't fall asleep. The respiratory therapist said that because her numbers were great, we could take her off of it when she was awake. Now, don't get your hopes up, because I called the doctor to ask some questions - like what if she falls asleep on the couch with her dad - and he did not say that. He did say that we might not wait until the beginning of July for the next overnight test because her numbers were so good. So, we might do that this week. I'm supposed to call him tomorrow.

We hope to go swimming again on Tuesday - see, Tuesdays are cannula changing day. We can't go swimming with the oxygen because it would get her grips wet and they would fall off and she doesn't like them as it is. So, now that we know her numbers are so good when she's awake, we're going to hit the pool and soak up some sun. And who knows, maybe this time she'll really like it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What a day!

Like Johnny said, there's so much do to when you're small! Today was a very exciting day in the story of Myla. It started out normal enough, eat-play-nap, you know the drill. And then, things picked up. For lunch (or really, second breakfast), Myla ate most of her cereal. She was pretty funny, leaning in toward the spoon, using her hands to get it in there faster - she really took it well. But then, she was too hungry and I was not going fast enough, so we finished with a bottle. But it was a huge step! Then her occupational therapist came and couldn't stop talking about how great Myla was doing. She is doing everything that they expect of her at this stage and is even advanced in her tummy activity. In fact, she said Myla is in the 75% for her adjusted age, which I thought was good because my family is hardly in the 75% range for much when it comes to those medical charts.

After all the working out that she did with the occupational therapist, we decided that it was a 90 degree day and look! Aunt Aimee has a pool! So, for the first time in her short eight months, Myla donned a very cute suit and swimming we went! She wasn't quite sure what to think, but she didn't scream or cry, just kind of went with the flow. We met another little baby there who had been three times and this was the first time she was actually enjoying it. I think she enjoyed it, and I know it felt good with how hot it was.

For some reason, Myla will be tested by the oxygen people on Thursday when she is awake, eating and sleeping. We're not sure why, since we've been doing just overnight oxygen tests for the past few months. But maybe the doctor will say that she's okay to be off it during the day and just need it at night? Who knows. At this point, we're not going to try and guess, just do what the doctor says, right? Anyway, we'll let you know how that goes, but - just in case - cross your fingers!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

No worries.

We have so much to be thankful for, it doesn't matter that Myla is still on oxygen for at least another month, she is a joy and wonderous little miracle. We're not worried. Her day will come, and in the meantime, she has something to pull on 24/7. Lately, she enjoys pulling the canulas down and into her mouth to suck all the oxygen out that way. She's very cute! I suppose that's her imagination running wild.

We've been trying to do more tummy time and sitting up with little to no assistance, reaching and grabbing things.... There's so much to do when you're little. Monday Kara went up to Aspen for work and took a tour inside a bridge. That's right, inside. It was a sectional, hollow bridge. She says it's cool. I got to wear my 49ers hard hat one more time at work, much to the enjoyment of all the Bronco fans working on the new furniture building. I am in charge of making sure all the physical security features are in place and working before it opens in July. And on top of that, I am acting as manager of another store close by starting Monday. I'm swamped!

So back to Myla. She's been trying out different sounds recently too. Lower growling-type noises and flat out screams too. And she loves to talk when she first wakes up, from naps and sleeping through the night. She has a little toy that plays music and I swear she sings along in her own little way. She is just the cutest little bug! We love her so very much and we are grateful everyday that she picked us as her parents.

Hope you all enjoy the pictures and what video shots we can put on the blog too.

Peace out!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

No news yet

We did take the oxygen test on Thursday night. I got smart and put it on the foot that she doesn't try to push up on and she had the monitor on all night. However, while we were expecting them to pick up the machine on Friday and have the results to the doctor on Monday, they didn't. They did however pick it up yesterday - after a not so nice message from me - and hopefully we will get the results today. Until then, Myla will just be hanging out and soaking up the sun. We'll keep you posted!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Today is the day!

Today is the day - oxygen test time! After weeks of waiting and plucking the cannula out of her nose, today Myla gets to try and kick this oxygen habit. The only bad part about it being today is that we won't get the results until Monday. But what's another weekend? We know that its TOTALLY up to her and her little body as to if she gets off of it, and we don't want to put any pressure on her, but it would be great if she passed. So please, cross your fingers and your toes, say an extra prayer tonight, do a rain dance, whatever you can do to give our bug a little bit of extra luck would be really appreciated!

Yesterday, Myla really giggled for the first time - that I've heard. Johnny was tickling her toes and it was the sweetest sound. We've also tried a little rice cereal this week, but she really wasn't all that interested. She figured out to open her mouth but only did it a couple of times. She watches us pretty intently when we eat, so I think she's close. And before you know it, she'll be stealing stuff off our plates.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

March for Babies

Yesterday we participated in the first annual Glenwood Springs March for Babies. We went with Grandfather and Grandma Witulski and A2 and had a great time. The weather was perfect - if a little chilly at the start - and while the walk wasn't quite as long as advertised, we enjoyed the trail along the river. Myla was even spotlighted by the MC at the event, showing how great she was doing and that even though she'd had a small start, she was growing fast. It was nice to be there supporting all babies and the research that can help them, just like it helped our girl. Thank you to everyone that supported us - it really means a lot.

After the walk, the day was so nice that we couldn't help but stick around and enjoy it. We rode the gondola up the mountain to Glenwood Adventures and did some rides and walked around. The views were amazing and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Myla got the smallest little sunburn on her cheek. Just one cheek. I figure if that's the only place, we did pretty good. Johnny did not fair so well on his legs... you'd think he'd have learned by now.

This week, we are getting mean about getting the oxygen test done. The doctor faxed in two orders two weeks ago and we have yet to hear from them. I was okay with it last week - Myla had a little cough and I didn't want her to not pass because of it. But this week, she's over it, she's 13 pounds and seven months old. Lets get it done! Cross your fingers that June is her month!