Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Memorial Day 11 (2)We were very busy this weekend celebrating Memorial Day.  On Saturday, Myla, Kinsley and I joined A2 and my parents for the parade downtown.  Myla had a great time waving to all the cars that went by, but she kind of lost interest when she got a sucker.  On Sunday we had a BBQ with the family over at our house to celebrate Memorial Day and to spend time together.  Myla had the best time playing hide and go seek with Mam-mam and taking “walks” around the back yard.

Memorial Day 11 (5)Today we took advantage of the warm weather and the day off together and headed out to do some hiking.  We’ve talked about taking Myla out for a while and when I found this hike/trail that was deemed easy, we decided that we could totally do that.  It was an easy drive and once we loaded up, we were off to explore Castlewood Canyon.  Myla did awesome and picked up rocks the whole time we were on the trail for her pockets, only to drop them back on the path when we were going back for lunch.  I think her favorite part was the “rock steps” but she will tell you it was the puppies that we saw on the trail.

Memorial day 11 (1)Kinsley did pretty well too, once we figured out that she did not want to face me in the backpack, but forwards so she could see.  She chatted a lot and sucked on her fingers but did not like the wind that blew in her face.  (But really, do any of us?)  I was pleasantly surprised that she was so easy about it, makes me easier about doing another one.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Three months old!

three months old (5)I just can’t believe how fast time flies as a parent. I’m sure my mom thought the same thing. Kinsley is now three months old (and a few days) and is so much fun. She loves to talk and coo and kick any time she can. I took her in the backpack/snuggli to walk the dog the other day and she was good right up until the end and then she wanted to be put down to kick. She’s been sleeping really well and is eating and eating. She lights up when I’m talking to her too, which makes me feel all sorts of special.

waffles (1)

Myla has become very passionate about what we HAVE to do. If you say that you’re thinking about, oh, washing the dog, she says, “we HAVE to wash Haley-dog now.” And if you try to convince her otherwise, she will just keep saying it over and over. It can be frustrating but sometimes it’s a good exercise for us to come up with a way to do it anyway. (A baby wipe bath for the dog in this case.) She’s been a sweetheart too, hardly leaving our sides sometimes or snuggling with our hands at bedtime.


My best friend from North Carolina breezed through Denver last week and we got to spend some time together. It was so much fun to see her and it was like she was across the street again. Myla loved having her here too and had her reading books in no time. She was sad when she woke up in the morning and found “my friend” had left. So, it looks like you’ll just have to come back soon Kathleen!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Its getting warmer…

fountain (4)As the days get warmer, we find ourselves with the constant begging “can we go outside?” So on Saturday, when it was so warm outside, we stopped after some errands and ventured out to the closest fountain. Myla was soaked. We didn’t have a towel or a change of clothes, but that’s okay. She had no problems walking around to dry off, or with leaving little Myla footprints showing where she’d been. But I think I will be stashing a towel in my car for the summer, just in case.

Kinsley 5-6-11 (7)

Our little ham is growing and changing every day. She’s really discovered her smile and sometimes I swear she is on the verge of giggling. She loves to lay on her mat and kick and talk, especially when Myla comes to talk. Today, when I got home, I asked Myla how her day was and she said, “mommy, did you say hello to my baby yet?” “Yes I did. How was your day?” “What are you doing little one? Mommy, I’m talking to Kinsley right now.” I never did find out what she did today…

Johnny has worked every day straight for over two weeks. He’s finally home tonight which means that Myla is back to fighting going to bed and Kinsley will probably wake up in the middle of the night. These girls sure love their daddy!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

March for Babies

Saturday, my sister, mom, Myla and I participated in our fourth March for Babies. It was a cold start with all of us bundled up, but by the end, the sun was out in full force and our coats were off. Last year it was a little rainy so the sun was a nice change for us. On the way to the walk, Myla wondered if Kinsley was going to walk with us and I said that it was a little cold for little babies. And she said "Kinsley is going to stay with Pop-pop because its too cold for little babies, ESPECIALLY my baby." Looking out for her little sister already.

Again this year, Myla walked across the finish line and got a sticker to replace her's from last year. (She wouldn't take the old one off - that was her baby walk sticker!) I think this year, she loved the cheerleaders and the yelling for her. She even gave some high-fives. And then we bounced in the bouncy castle. It was the perfect end for her. I was loving her smile and how much fun she was having. And then when we got home, I loved on Kinsley and again felt so thankful that we have two healthy girls that have heart-warming smiles and happy faces. On some of the shirts people had put pictures of their babies or had that they were walking for an angel and I was reminded of all we have and are thankful for. (We posted this in the thick of hospital things, but I think its still true, with, oh, about a million additions!)