Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sock Show

stock show 2012 (7)

On Friday, we heard a commercial for the stock show on the radio, and Myla said “mommy, we haven’t been to the sock show yet today!”  And so yesterday, we went with my mom to see the stock show.  (Its funny, my parents didn’t take us growing up, but Myla’s been two years in a row!)  We saw all the stock show animals you could see – horses up close and even in the shower, cows getting a blow dry, sheep, buffalo, yak – even a fuzzy foot chicken.  Kinsley hung out in the backpack, but did focus in on the horses doing the agility track.  Myla went into the petting zoo part and feed the animals grass.  I think that was her favorite part.  She had a really great time and I’m sure it will become a tradition.

11 months old (3)

Kinsley passed 11 months old today.  Its crazy how fast this (almost) year has flown.  I swear to you, yesterday the light bulb went off and she can pull herself up to standing just about anywhere – even Myla’s sleeve.  She even will get her feet moving around enough to walk around the furniture.  She’s pointing at things and babbling away.  Still only those two little teeth on the bottom, but my guess is we are on the verge of some more.  I switched out her clothes today to 12 month clothes.  Kinsley helped so much by throwing around the too small clothes all over from my separated piles. She’s so much fun and yesterday she was having such a great time with her little feet just kicking away. 

Today, Myla was so excited to get out “valentimes” day stuff and put it up around the house, chattering away about each thing.  And Kinsley scooted around after her saying “ba ba ba.”  It was the best soundtrack to the day.

Monday, January 16, 2012

On the Move!

She’s figured it out – Kinsley is mobile!  She decided that you didn’t need to put your feet behind you to crawl, how else do you get back on your bum when you want to sit?  No, no, this is the way.

 She's pretty fast too.  When I came home the other day, she peeked around the corner and said, "eee!" (which I translated to "mommy!") and she came scooting around the corner to me.  It was very sweet.

 For Christmas, my brother and sister got us a family pass to the zoo.  So on Saturday, because it was 60 and we could, we packed up the wagon and went to see half of the zoo.  (Because we can come back anytime to see the other half.)  Myla had a lot of fun splashing in the puddles and every time we would see an animal, she would say, "okay mom, lets go find some more animals."  She really wanted to see the elephants, but they have moved them to a new spot on the zoo and it isn't open yet.  But we had a great time visiting the other animals - except the lion, which was pacing in front of the window and scared the girls.

Tonight we have a fire going and have enjoyed the day off to be together.  And here comes my scooter to see me.