Sunday, June 24, 2012

Telling Stories

I promise a more in depth post about what we've been up to soon, but until then, here's Kinsley to give you a recap of our summer so far...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer has arrived!

summer octopus (2)

The warm days are here and Myla has been waiting to go play in the water – any water really, but especially swimming.  So while we wait for the swimming pool, we went over and played at my parents house in the water spraying octopus.  When we first turned it on and his arms went flying, Kinsley was having none of it.  She grabbed on to me so tight and her legs were kicking like she was running away as fast as she could.  After Myla went in thought and we sprayed her toes a little bit she thought it might be okay and not long after was pretty wet.

summer octopus

Myla jumped right in the middle and somehow never got very wet.  She’s a silly girl about that.  She had lots of fun making waterfalls and “making it rain” and spraying her sister though.  She had been looking forward to playing in the water so much that she watered all my mom’s flowers and my dad’s grass and even sprayed the fence.  She stayed in her suit the rest of the night too.

Other things around the house … Johnny has put in a new valve system for the sprinkler system and hopefully will have it dug out this weekend.  He also got promoted at work – he’s now a sergeant and oversees three locations.  He’s working days (mostly) and during the week, so we get some family time on the weekends.  Its been a really nice change.  We’ve been very lucky.