Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh to be two

If I were to die tomorrow (not planning on it though), I would want to come back as one of Myla's baby dolls.  She is such a good little mommy.  She makes sure she has a good grip on baby, patting their back and saying "its okay baby".  Babies get lovingly tucked in under their blankets, or get to go exciting places like the car wash - "look baby, wash car" - and they get milk whenever they want it, or don't want it.  Every baby has a toy, a rattle or if they are being really good a penguin, and she makes sure they are softly put down in the middle of the floor before she goes to play with something else.  Sounds like a hard life huh?

Myla has been powering through a little cold she got during her week of not sleeping well.  Every morning, 2:00, she was up screaming for her dad.  Which of course was not fun because he was at work, so I got up.  We've determined that it wasn't night terrors, or that she was thirsty or hungry, just that she wants us to rotate who puts her to bed.  So simple, it was almost laughable.

We took Myla to a brass concert on Saturday with Mam-mam that was supposed to be just for kids under four.  She sat through the first song, but then she was done.  I thought she would want to stomp her feet or clap since she loves to do that at home, but she was having too much fun making her mom and dad chase her.  Maybe when she's three she'll be more inclined to listen.  I thought it was a good time... does that count?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Say Cheese - A Photo Essay

"Myla, let's take a picture in your dress for Grammy. Say cheese!"

"Elephant say cheese"

"Lion say cheese"

"Monkey say cheese"

"Carebear say cheese"

"James Penguin say cheese"

"Thank you Myla for (finally!) saying cheese!  I'm sure Grammy will love the pictures."

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back to Reality

I took last week off so I could spend some time with Myla (and get some degree of sanity back). So this week, it was back to reality. Myla has gotten right back into the groove of things without much of a problem. The naps she wouldn't take for me, she takes for her Nonni and she's been eating really well too - again, something she wouldn't do for me. I hear its a mom and dad thing, testing her boundaries or some such. We had a good time last week though and I know I did not enjoy Monday at all having to wake up early and not getting to see her all day. I think another mental health day may be coming up shortly...

(Scott, this is for you - her best gangsta' impression.) Myla's words have taken off like nothing else. She repeats almost anything you say and sometimes whole sentences. She still has some Myla words for things, but we are getting there. The other day, she was singing the ABC's in the back seat. It was so cute! She's really good at W X Y Z but the others get pretty mashed up.

She was very excited to see the snow falling this afternoon. I see crunching in the snow in our future...