Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sick days

A few days ago, Kinsley had a little fever and started being fussy.  We thought it was a side-effect of the vaccinations on Monday.  But then she got sick, and her diapers got yucky and before you knew it, she’s taking three hour naps and not really eating.  This morning, Myla was fine when she crawled into bed at 5:45 to snuggle, but by 7:00 also had a temperature.  These girls are usually everywhere at once, and now they are both napping, so you know they aren’t feeling good.  Breaks my heart because I want to help them, but I guess the best way to do that is to not wake them up!

Kinsley 5-27-12Myla 5-27-12

Yesterday, Myla and I went to help one of the properties that I work for lay a path for their new garden and then Uncle Jeff and Andrea came over and helped Johnny move a lot of big rocks for us so we can start getting more than weeds and dirt in our back yard.  Its amazing just how different that makes it look.  Next up, a pallet garden and sprinkler system and then grass!  Man, I hope that takes the first time with our 80 pounds of squirrel chasing fury running around back there!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Rainy days

crazy streamer hair

Saturday was a rainy day and even though it put a damper on our landscaping plans, the girls had the best day hanging out in their jammies and just running around having fun.  Kinsley wouldn’t nap (par for the course) even though I thought it would have been a great day for a nap.  So instead, we played in the ball pit, made cookies and bread, tried on different hats and hair, snacked and even made time to clean.  I was surprised that Myla didn’t want to go out with her umbrella to play in the rain, but she was perfectly content inside.  We read a lot of books, and it would have been funny to look in at us with Johnny reading a book to one and me reading to the other.  We usually switched at some point, sometimes in the middle of a book.

bookworm Kinsley

Kinsley had a check-in with the doctor today and spent most of it walking around the exam room and talking.  At one point, the doctor said “I can see she’s a quiet one…”  He thought she was doing really good and progressing right on schedule.  Her measurements for this time – 24 pounds 15 ounces and 30 3/4 inches tall.  (We measured Myla on Saturday and she’s 37 inches tall…)  He thought she looked good and had no worries about her at all.  We don’t either, but its always nice to hear the doc say it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May days

preschool graduation (2)

Monday, Myla had a program for her preschool continuation/graduation.  She was so proud to sing the songs that she’s learned and – probably for the only time in her life – she had a seat in the back row so she kept stretching her neck to look over at me.  She’s occasionally sang us the songs that she might have learned in class, but this was fun because I got to see her do it all the way through.  I can’t believe that she’s done with preschool and will start a pre-k in the fall.  Its just amazing to me how fast she has grown.  (And, for the record, she’s changed her birthday to the 25th because she’s turning five this year.  Silly girl.)

climbing (1)

Kinsley has really taken to the walking thing and now hardly scoots anymore.  She’s been working very hard at going up and down the stairs when we let her.  The new thing she’s trying is climbing up into chairs – or dishwasher doors – to sit down.  And she thinks she’s pretty hot stuff when she does it too.  And this girl can talk up a storm.  She sits in the family room and “reads” a book at the top of her lungs.  She loves to read books and sometimes will do the animal sounds of the animals that she knows.  She’s very smart, just like Myla.

zoo 5-4-12

I had a great mother’s day and was able to sleep in and then come downstairs to warm cinnamon crumb cake and happy girls.  We spent some time snuggled on the couch watching a movie and then spent some time with my mother.  A friend posted this wonderful message on mother’s day that really tugged at my heart strings and I am very thankful that my sweet girls call me mom.  I love them very, very much.