Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

Myla has been enjoying the not too hot days by doing what she does best - playing! We walked over to the school and played in the sandbox which she loved. She wasn't interested in the slide or the stairs this time, the sand was where it was at. I don't know if the school knew they had left the sand toys out, but it just made it more fun, scooping and dumping - it was a toddler's dream. It was hot that day and thankfully she didn't scream or fuss when we left, just said "bye" in her cute little voice.

Myla also got to meet her newest cousin Parker over the weekend, although she wasn't as interested in him as I thought she'd be. (His big sister Reagan has some really cool toys.) She got a little jealous when I was holding him, but I thought she got over it quickly... That will be good because we go to Omaha next weekend to meet another new cousin - she's a lucky girl, all these new cousins! - and I want to hold him too!

And now for the Myla cute moment of the week - Grandma Witulski found her some very tiny little Nike shoes at the outlet stores over the weekend. (You can kind of see them in the picture.) Myla thinks they are so awesome! When she got them on Sunday, she would show them off and they made her dance. Her little legs look so cute with those little shoes on them! Thanks Mam-mam!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A free dinner - or two

Thanks to Stephanie, for spreading the news! This offer worked like a dream - I only have to pay 5 cents for tax - and so I'm sharing it with others. Schwan's (the frozen food people) is offering $10 in free stuff to new customers. Check it out here. I checked it out and you don't sign a contract or commit to buying any more. I got two beef tip dinners, but they had several things for less than $10. If they deliver in your area, and you can get dinner for free, why not!?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Surprise day with Daddy!

Guess what we did today.... played at the park for like a half hour at least! Myla was probly good to stay longer even though she was getting hungry and that means a little cranky believe it or not. Mom had to go down the slide with her first to make sure it was safe or something... not that Kara minded. But after that Myla went down on her own and put her feet down and promptly would have gone face first into the slide if mom weren't standing right there.

Myla really enjoyed the yellow motorcycle rocker because she could climb up on it all by herself and really rock it which surprised me 'cause it was pretty tall for a shorty like her. Dad unexpectedly got the day off work so we tried to take advantage of the time together and get out a little to the park and the store and stuff like that.

Myla has no fear at the park and in places with a lot of people. We went to a concert in the park last night, that was really at a mall courtyard, and it was packed but did Myla care? Nope. She weaved right through everyone and made some people move around her too. We stopped at a fountain to get her feet wet and it was right behind the band that was playing a Sammy Hagar tune but the loudness didn't bother her at all.

Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we do.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hello! Its me... Myla!

OK, I'll admit it. My daughter is a girly-girl. She loves to have clips put in her hair, doesn't mind wearing a skirt, and loves - LOVES - to talk on the phone. She'll use my cell phone, John's cell phone, and most recently, John's old bluetooth. She won't wear it around her ear, but she holds it up there and walks around the house babbling to Dada, He-he (her little friend Hailey) or some other person that she doesn't name. But put another person on the other end of that phone call, like tonight was her dad, and she just looks at it and smiles. Silly girl.

Today was a little bit busy for a little one like Myla. We went to the store and the park. She had the whole place to herself and used every inch. We played on the slide, in the tunnels and on the motorcycle rocker. It was kind of fun to watch her and not have to worry too much about her getting run over. We also took stock of our volunteer pumpkin plant. The squirrels were nice enough to plant it for us and today it looks like we will have three come the fall. The other THREE pumpkin plants aren't big enough yet to see if we will have any fruit. Thanks squirrels!

Monday, August 3, 2009

My sanity saver

Aimee! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the bath book! Myla loved it and it was the easist bath time we've had since, well...

Just kidding, I've had easy bath times since then, but seriously, you are my hero for the day!