Sunday, September 21, 2008

Go Broncos!

Myla went to her first official Bronco party today. Sure, she was around last season and the first two weeks of this season, but last year she couldn't wear clothes and the first two weeks this year was a too late Monday night game and then we were in Panther country. So this week, she dressed up in her Bronco shirt and socks and cheered them on! Mostly though, she smiled and talked and spun around in her fancy activity center, but there were a few times that she faced the TV...

While we were there, Myla also got to pick out some clothes from a "friend" in California. Including this stylish hat. She's kind of girlie like that, she likes to play with jewelry and wear dresses and play with clothes. But when she looks so cute, how can you resist!?

I've started my new job at a non-profit last week and Myla has settled in with the fabulous lady that watches her. Its hard to be gone - I really enjoyed our days together - but she is well loved and taken care of. The job is good, its a lot of laying groundwork right now, but it has some awesome potential in the next six months I'd say. I think overall, it will be good. John is working hard at his three stores and is getting ready for the busy season. He's really got a great crew and he's not anticipating any problems. But I guess in retail, you never know!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

North Car-o-lina!

We took a trip to North Carolina to visit our framily the Tessems this past week. Myla did great on the airplane - had a great time smiling at the people around her and just playing really. The ride out there she took some little 20 minute snoozers that kept her refreshed until we arrived at our final destination. We wasted no time in taking in the sights and hopped in the car the next day to visit the ocean.

Myla was not scared of the waves or the noise at all and really liked to get down there and get her feet wet. And of course she loved to eat the sand! She did get a few waves that came right up into her face but she didn't seem to mind the salty taste either. She had lots of fun watching the kids splash and run and build sand castles and hunt for shells.

We saw so many things - the American Tobacco Campus, the Durham Bulls stadium and where they filmed "Bull Durham" - and took in some of the local cuisine. We visited the Duke gardens and walked around the campus some. Johnny tried his hand at trail running at sea level, but seeing as how he doesn't run, it was a little harder than he thought.

We had a great time and were really sad when it was time to leave. Thank you Tessems for showing us around! See you again soon!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

NICU reunion

Today we went to the NICU/Preemie reunion for our hospital of choice. It was so much fun! We saw some families that were there at the same time we were and all the amazing graduates that have come so far. We didn't see all the nurses that we wanted to, but the ones that were there couldn't get over how great Myla looked. Lets do a little comparison from then and now, shall we?
Yep, quite a change our little girl has made. One of the nurses said that they have so many babies that its hard to remember them all, but Myla is one they always think about. Her picture was on their board until they had to move to the temporary space and they can't wait to get updated ones. They will be having an open house in December to show off the new NICU and we will have to go to that to. These are two of the nurses that were so great and took such great care of Myla. It really is amazing to see how great she is doing. And doing everything she is supposed to be doing too. It took her awhile, but she did show off her two little teeth and her smiles. It was a lot of fun.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September already?!

I was just getting used to August... and September is such a busy month! First, Myla will be showing off her big girl self at the preemie reunion this Saturday. We are very excited to be able to hug all our friends from the NICU and to say thank you for all they did for our little girl. She will have lots of chances to show off that spit-fire personality they saw so often. Plus, I want to get pictures of her with some of the nurses, because when we left, there were a number of them on Christmas break and we never got to say a proper goodbye.

Next, Myla's first airplane trip! We leave for North Carolina in one week to play with our friends the Tessems. I know they have all sorts of cool things out there - I've seen them on their blog. I'm still a little nervous about the plane trip, but Myla is a good baby most of the time and I hope we can handle her... She really likes to play on the floor and just talk to her toys, or roll over on her tummy to sleep, neither of which you can do on the airplane. But I'm sure she will make it work.

We are also anxiously awaiting the birth of a new cousin, Kaidynce Washburn, due to come any day. Plus, Johnny turns 32, and I celebrate the first anniversary of my 29th birthday. And then its full on planning for Myla's first birthday! See, I'm already at October!