Saturday, February 26, 2011

Welcome to the World!

Tuesday morning, 2-22 at 8:02, we became parents of another beautiful baby girl. Kinsley was exactly as "they" say she should be at just over 7.5 pounds and almost 20 inches. She has a face that looks just like Myla some times and a head full of dark-ish hair. She did really well all our days (days?!) at the hospital with eating and maintaining her temperature and we came home on Friday to our first night without any nurses to help. And I think we did okay.

Myla came to the hospital every day and was very excited to see her baby sister. It took a couple of days before she really wanted to get close to her, but now she loves to stand over her chair and stroke her gently on the head. Today in fact, she gave Kinsley her first kiss from big sister. She told us "Daddy, how about you and mommy go upstairs and sleep in your bed and I will take care of baby Kinsley, how 'bout that?" Tempting...

We had a check in with the doctor and she's lost just a little bit of weight, but we hear all babies do that. He thought she looked great and kept remarking what a different baby she must be compared to the first. Well sure, aren't all babies different? And even though we try not to think about the differences or compare, we know they are there. But we also know that Kinsley has an awesome big sister who is going to look out for her. We can tell by the way she stops mid run to look at her and how this morning after just getting out of bed, she wanted to know where the baby was. Yep, Myla loves being a big sister. And as far as we can tell, Kinsley loves being a little sister.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The final countdown

When Myla and I came home on Friday, Johnny had just gotten out of bed and was sporting a bathrobe and slippers. She immediately took off her shoes and went upstairs to find her bathrobe and slippers and has been a fan of them every since. First thing in the morning, bathrobe on. It doesn't really matter if she's dressed for the day or in her pj's, she loves to have her bathrobe on. Its funny, I pulled it out weeks ago when we were in sub-zero weather to keep her a little warmer and she wanted nothing to do with it. In fact, that Friday, Johnny had to take the tags off. But now she wants to be like daddy. Pretty cute.

Things have been coming along over here. I think we are almost ready for baby to come. Myla keeps saying "your baby is coming out of your tummy soon mommy." (Yep, for some reason, its still "my" baby.) She's pretty excited. We had a little scare last week thinking that she might have to come on Friday because the fluid was low again and they were concerned she was under stress. In fact, we had my hospital bag in the car just in case they had to admit me. But after another ultrasound, everything turned out to be fine and we are still cooking. We are scheduled for next Tuesday unless nature says differently.

Its kind of strange to be this big and this far with my stomach moving independently. Just for fun, we looked back in Myla's book and two days before her due date, she weighed 6 pounds 3/4 ounces. On Thursday, they estimated this baby at about 6 pounds 9 ounces. I know I shouldn't compare, but its all so different. We're excited though, freaked out, but excited.