Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sling, what sling?

broken arm (1)

Oh this?  Its just covering up the broken arm.  Oh, I didn’t tell you about that either?  Huh, well let me explain…

Kinsley was chasing her sister on the playground over the bouncy bridge that connects two platforms.  After seven or eight times over it, somehow she fell on the last time.  This is one tough girl – she didn’t even cry on her last shots – so she just got in the car and fell asleep.  It wasn’t until about 45 minutes later that she woke up and said “hey, my arm hurts.”  Off we went to the doctor, who then sent us to the emergency room for x-rays, who then scheduled us for surgery on Friday.

broken arm (2)

It was a long day, but at about 3:30 they took her in for two pins and a stylish purple cast.  The break is right at her elbow, where the top bone in your arm meets the joint and so they felt that it was important for her future mobility that the surgery be done.  They didn’t have to make an incision, just stuck the two pins in her bone but they stick out just a little, then the cast wraps over it.  In about three weeks, we go in for another x-ray, and if all is good, off comes the cast and out come the pins. 

We had a rough night on Friday, but last night was a little better.  She’s starting to used to her arm not being exactly the same  - eating takes on a new twist - and has even been holding a few toys in those exposed fingers.  With any luck, tonight she’ll simply lay down and sleep…

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Growing up


Myla got an early birthday present in the form of a big girl bike and she LOVES it.  She struggles a little with the turning on it, but I think she did that with her trike too.  She loves to get going on it and will yell out “look at me!”  Its really fun to see her speed off.  She does that with her stories about her day too – just speeds off about what she’s done or learned.  Some days it’s a few days after the fact, but that doesn’t really matter in Myla-time I guess.  Its hard to believe that she’s almost five – crazy in fact.  How could time have gone so fast!?

a new stand (1)

Kinsley is keeping pace with her sister and grows as much as Myla does.  We clocked them both at growing an inch and 1/2 in three months.  She still talks a lot about something that we don’t fully understand, but she’s definitely getting some words down – me too, no way, balloon, ball, and a number of animal sounds as well.  She loves to fold her arms or she’ll huff and put her hands on her hips.  She is an opinionated little girl, but also very happy and will laugh when we are giving her something that she wants to eat, its so cute.  Her latest thing is to lean against something and cross her little feet at the ankles and talk to you.  About something or other.


And so, in my humble opinion, I submit that they are growing to fast and need to stop now.  Myla tells me that they can’t stop because they have to be as big as me and Johnny.  Good thing I’m not very tall…