Tuesday, January 29, 2013


basketball game w daddy (2)

When I was growing up, me and my sister used to go on “dates with Dad.”  They were special times and I have some very special memories from them.  In fact, my sister and I still go on dates with our dad.  So, when we first found out – many moons ago now – that we were having a girl in Myla, it was something that I wanted Johnny and her to do as well.  For Christmas this year, my parents got Johnny two tickets to the Sacramento Kings vs the Denver Nuggets basketball game.  At first, he had thought to take his brother or my brother or even me (even though the sport of basketball escapes me completely).  Things came up and Johnny mentioned out loud “who am I going to take to the basketball game?” and Myla said, “what about me daddy?”  And so off they went.  Myla had a great time mostly watching everything else but the game, but she told me her favorite thing was Rocky and being there with daddy.  My hope exactly.

hot stuff Kinsley (2)

Kinsley is learning more every day, but it’s the changes in her imagination that amaze me.  She has taken up a little game – she will put on a hat, scarf, sometimes sunglasses, and a bag of some sort and she will wave goodbye and blow you kisses, tell you something and off she goes.  She walks around the house “circle” and then comes back, takes it all off, and runs to hug you like she hasn’t seen you in days.  And then, it all goes back on and she starts over.  She is still talking in some strange baby language, but is picking up a new word all the time.  And reading – this girl has discovered that to sit and listen to a whole book – of a reasonable size – is the best thing and that you can finish a book and find a new one to read.  It’s a refreshing change from reading the same book over and over, although she still has her favorites.  Of course, her absolute favorite thing is to sit next to Myla and read books together.  I hope she remembers that as she grows up.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Off days

hot stuff Kinsley (1)

We haven’t had many days off lately as a family, when we don’t have to go “do” anything.  (This last vacation doesn’t count – it was vacation!)  But today we got to just hang out and have a good time.  The girls had gotten gift cards to the book store and it just so happened that the book store was also giving away buy-one-get-one cookies.  So we went to lunch and then spent a good long time playing and reading and deciding which books to bring home.  Each of them got four books that were all pretty random, and “read” them all the way home. 

cowgirl boots (2)

We spent the rest of the afternoon running around the house and playing in the basement.  It was especially good for Myla, who has been having a really hard time with her daddy working his weird hours.  She’s had meltdowns more than one night because he had to work or couldn’t put her to bed.  She’s very much a daddy’s girl and so to spend the day with him was a good thing.  We enjoyed the sunshine and took a little walk and the girls held hands and giggled.  And now we look forward to the next time!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rule of Twos

Christmas dresses from mam-mam (1)

We have two very individual girls but there is no escaping the sibling rivalry that they sometimes have.  If Kinsley has a bouncy ball, Myla wants one.  If Myla has a set of keys, Kinsley needs some.  Its become a little predictable, but there are some things that we have not yet figured out how to have two of (time with play-doh comes to mind).  But every-once-in-a-while, we have gotten a glimpse of how good of friends they are going to grow up to be.  Tonight was a good example – I was sure that Myla had grown six inches and so I thought tonight would be a good time to measure her.  (She’s actually grown half an inch in four months to 38 1/2”.)  As she stood there against the wall, Kinsley watched in her new favorite pose – arms crossed and a finger on her chin – and then when Myla was done, she said “me too!”  Myla helped me keep her still enough to measure and find she too has grown – three quarters of a inch to 33 1/2”.  When Kinsley was done, Myla said “good job Kinsley” and Kinsley ran to give her a hug and Myla gave her a little kiss on the head.  Yep… do it together and you’ll never be alone. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 – off like a shot!

Christmas dresses 2012

Sorry we let 2012 go without an update… Johnny and I both took vacation starting from December 21st and we just didn’t have time to blog!  We had a fantastic Christmas and the girls were truly spoiled.  We spent the 10 days of vacation playing with shopping carts and baby strollers and princess castles and suitcases and baby dolls and puzzles.  The girls spent two days straight in their pajamas until we forced them to an indoor play ground.  It was awesome – and a much needed break for us to spend with our girls.  The girls were ready to get rid of us by the 3rd though. 

Myla 11-2-12

Myla begins the second semester of “school” tomorrow and is having a really good time with her teachers and her class.  I went with her on a field trip to the Nutcracker and she was pointing out all of her friends to me.  She never really tells me what she learns in school, but sometimes can tell me exactly what her friends were wearing.  She’s a girlie-girl.  She loves using her imagination and is usually very sweet about letting her sister tag along.  She’s taken to playing up in her room when she wants to be alone though and will barricade the doors with her big stuffed animals, even though Kinsley hasn’t figured out door knobs yet.


Kinsley is growing way to fast and still talks up a storm.  She’s really getting some words down though and sometimes we can actually understand what she is saying.  She loves to read  - LOVES it – and sometimes will bring a book all around the house with her.  She also loves hats and prefers baseball caps on backwards.  She’s very helpful at setting the table and calling for Myla when dinner is ready and is awesome at knowing just when to annoy her big sister.  Kinsley is very sweet though and will usually grab our arm or face to give us kisses and loves to give hugs too.  She is learning a lot every day – its very fun to watch.

reading in bedJohnny spent a week in Telluride in December and is currently in Breckenridge.  The girls and I make the most of it while he is gone and today we got to spend most of the day with my parents and then after dinner, the girls spent the rest of the night playing with each other until it was time to read in bed.  They had spent a lot of time up and down from our bed and all across the floor with flowers and hats and jackets.  They like to go on “adventures” and clock in a lot days as the sun goes up and down a lot in their little worlds.  Now, I know that time flies, but let’s not let it happen too fast!