Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Kara's camera pictures (3)For the long weekend, we spent the time up in Breckenridge with my family at a friend’s cabin.  (We left Johnny here, he had to work.  Boo.)  Myla was so excited to go to the mountains, she almost wanted to go on Friday.  On the way up, we stopped at the ice castles.  It was really cool to see the different structures and Myla had a blast going in the different tunnels and around the different castles.

Kara's camera pictures (8)Kara's camera pictures (9)

Kinsley was all bundled up in her new ski parka but has the cold that Myla had at the beginning of the week, so she wasn’t quite as excited about the ice castles.

When we got up to the cabin, Myla spent the rest of the afternoon up and down the stairs, playing on the bunk-beds.  She played outside in the snow for a little bit, but it was up to her waist and hard to walk in.  She kept saying, “I’m trapped!”  And then the next day, after some hard work by my mom and Uncle Scott and Holly, we got to go sledding on our own private hill.

Kara's camera pictures (17)Kara's camera pictures (34)

Myla thought it was awesome.  She laughed all the way down the hill and went with everyone.  The first time, she got snow in her face, but it just added to the fun.  Kinsley even got in a few runs, but she wasn’t exactly sure what it was all about.  We sledded for an hour before Myla’s little hands got cold and we went inside.

Kara's camera pictures (47)

That night, we went for a sleigh ride up the mountain.  Myla loved watching the horses go and spent time looking for the fox that the drivers said might be out.  Kinsley couldn’t move because of her snowsuit and jacket, but she did really well while it was going.

We had a great time and made some really great memories.  Thanks mom and dad for taking us!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Finally, after almost five months (!?) Kinsley has two more teeth popping through on the top.  She gets along just fine with the two on the bottom, loves to crunch into apples and cheerios.  She also loves to suck in her top lip, which is going to be a lot harder to do with the top ones in.  We do not expect it to make her stop screaming though - a new sound that she's discovered works really well when you're not paying enough attention to her.  Maybe she's singing really high and loud...?

Myla is fighting another cough this week.  I've heard that school is just a petri-dish for the little ones, but this is crazy!  She's still pretty active though, most recently her favorite game is to be pretend kitty-cats.  So we are mommy-cat, daddy-cat, Kinsley-cat and Haley-dog-cat.  She's also learning to whistle, which is pretty quiet and you have to listen carefully, but she's getting it.  There isn't much this girl won't try and learn, and sometimes when she can't get it, she puts this little pout on and says "I can't do it."  (She's just like her daddy in that, except he says "Next time, we're hiring a professional.")  But she tries again and usually nails it.  She's pretty amazing. Both of them are.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Falling and Jumping

Just some more fun from our snow day.  Have I told you how funny these girls are?

Friday, February 3, 2012


snow day

When we woke up this morning, we were all very excited to find lots and lots of “deep, deep snow” to play in.  (Well, except for Johnny who had to drive home from work in it and then in again tonight.)  We had a great snow day, a little unexpected time off to have some fun.  So, in between the time we shoveled, played with Haley dog outside, shoveled again, watched a movie, and shoveled one more time, we did this…

taking the stroller for a walk (2)

Kinsley worked on her new found legs.  She’s all of a sudden decided that these get-away sticks (as Johnny calls them) are actually pretty cool.  She pushed that baby doll stroller across the basement a lot tonight.

hula hoop (2)

Myla worked on her hula hoop skills in between taking her turn with the stroller, running around like a crazy girl and tackling her daddy.  She’s actually got the technique down, maybe with a smaller hoop she might actually do it.