Friday, June 25, 2010

When I grow up

I want to make pancakes like this guy.Can't decide between pancakes and bacon and eggs? Have them all! Myla would love it.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What should we learn today?

Its amazing to me how fast little ones grow. All that they must learn in such a short time - eating, drinking, crawling, walking, talking and on and on. I think about all the things that they must conquer just on a daily basis and am speechless. Myla has done so many new things lately that its hard to capture them all. One of her favorite things is to sit in her crib and snuggle with her horsey. She tucks all her other animals in, but horsey gets to snuggle. That's what she says too, "I snuggle with horsey." She also loves to blow big bubbles, destroy ant hills with sticks, and dig in the dirt. She's a multi-faceted little girl.

Last week, Myla got to take her first trip with daddy to the aquarium. She got a little spooked in some places, but she loved to watch the fish swim all around and even saw a mermaid. A2 got back this week too, so they got to go to gymnastics again. She's getting the hang of that too - have it mastered in no time. She got to play for three days with Pop-Pop and is working on pushing the peddles on her tricycle. Oh! And she tried some buffalo sauce, completely on accident and she did not like it at all.

Today, Myla and daddy discovered a new addition to our house - a mommy robin with a nest full of baby robins. They got to see the daddy robin bring back food and the baby robins peak their heads up to eat them. Can you imagine all the things a baby robin has to learn?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ah summer

Myla has become a little fish since the days have gotten so nice. (With the exception of this weekend of course. Rain, rain and more rain!) Her Nonni got a pool for the girls to swim in and they have been out there quite a bit. And then, when she comes home, she wants to get in ours! Tuesday, she went with A2 to gymnastics and thoroughly impressed the coach there when she got on the bars. She held herself up which is not something little ones usually do I guess. But she practices here at home so we weren't really surprised. They went swimming that day too.

So, I have to do a little bragging about my girl. Last week, when I posted, I told you that the potty training was going slow. Well today, she went FIVE times. We found her sweet spot - ok, Nonni found it - Myla loves to get and put stickers on a "chart." So last night, John and I got some stickers and I dressed up some poster board and today, she was so excited to put them on. In fact, one time she knocked on the door to get Johnny out of the bathroom because it was "Myla's turn."

She was especially sweet today, laughing and being very happy. She just brightened up the whole room. She ran over to Johnny and gave him a big hug and said "I love you daddy" for no reason at all. It reminded me how proud I am to be her mom, what a joy she is to have in our lives, how much fun we have with her. It made my heart swell with happiness and, yes I'll say it, pride at what a wonderful little girl she is. She is something pretty special...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A busy week

It has been go-go-go around our house this past week! Now that the days are long and warm, we have been out and out some more! Let's start with last weekend where we met Mam-mam and Pop-pop downtown for the Memorial Day parade. Myla loved all the cars and waving her flag at the people driving by. When the first section went by, she said "there's the parade, should we go catch it?" I think, by far and away her favorite part was the kids that came around and gave her candy. She's not really partial to candy yet, so it was a real treat for her. She was sticky, let me tell you!

Today, we ventured downtown again for the chalk art festival. And we took the lightrail train which she loved! While we were waiting for the rest of our party, she discovered the "buffalo herd" and had to take pictures with every one. After we got going, she was excited to go the the "parade" again. She's really into sidewalk chalk and I thought she would love it and the ones that were to the point where you could see the drawing she did look at for a long time. She even got spoiled by Pop-pop a little and got to try her hand at her own little square of chalk art.

This afternoon (after no nap, but not for lack of trying on my part!), we went to a wedding for the daughter of our beloved babysitter. Myla's BFF Hailey was there and they were joined at the hip. Myla thought it was great that Hailey was wearing a pretty dress too, and so was Nonni, and Princess Susie (the bride) and Mama Jen, Hailey's mom, and Gabby. But, just for the record, boys and horses do NOT wear pretty dresses. They entertained each other during the ceremony and then went everywhere together and had a ton of fun running around during the reception and snacking on the go. They made sure to drink from "big girl cups" whenever they could.

We've also been swimming, watering flowers, taking the dog for walks, going to the playground and to the store - 'cause sometimes a girl just has to get out. We've also been trying the whole potty thing - VERY slow going on that, let me tell you. But really, we've just been having fun, and isn't that the most important thing?!