Saturday, March 26, 2011

What do you think?

Are they sisters or what?

Kinsley, 1 month old

Myla, 4 months (ok, 1 month adjusted)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

One month!?

I can't believe that one whole month has passed us by! Kinsley is doing just great, growing and getting bigger every day. She's even on a sort of schedule that includes a little longer sleep over night. One night she went six hours for me! She loves watching Myla and Myla loves watching her and together they have a pretty good time. Although, to be honest, nothing rivals the red pillows. They are an eye catcher for Kinsley and she loves to stare at them when she can.

Myla has been all about the back yard. She loves to be outside. It doesn't matter if we have 40 mph winds to her, as long as the sun is shining. Ok, even if its not. The other night, my brother came over to help out with an electrical problem and Myla wanted to show him and his girl her flower bulbs in the back yard. In the dark. If its a little chilly, out come the "fancy hat and glove-mittens." Whenever Myla comes home, she has to go "check on my baby" and likes to give her the pacifier, even if she doesn't need it.

I have been taking full advantage of nap times and the opportunity to be home to get some things done - like Myla and Kinsley's rooms and some things in the family room. Johnny has been having a great time with his drill and hammer - at least I think he is. We are all doing pretty good I think.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Is it possible?

To be the best of friends two weeks in? That Kinsley is already half of Myla? To take a nap on the floor? That pink monkeys are the best animal to nap with? That pajama days really are the best? That sometimes, no matter what you're doing, laying down under a blanket with your family by your side is the best way to spend the day?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finding the groove

Things around the house have been slowly settling into a loose rhythm. We've been home a lot which is nice and stifling all at the same time. Since we've been home, Myla has been perfecting her skills on the computer. You should see her work that mouse... she loves to play Curious George games and has an ABC game she's pretty good at too. She continues to dote on her baby sister and loves to watch her, sometimes even distracting her long enough while we change a diaper. Every once in a while, she'll put her hand on Kinsley's head and say how cute she is. I think though that we have hit a period of adjustment for her too - she's a little more feisty than usual. But maybe that's good too. Myla also got one of the finishing touches in her room - a nice twin bed that makes her look so tiny. And yet so big at the same time.

Kinsley has been doing what two week old babies do and not letting the rest affect her much. She had a check in with the doctor yesterday and he thought she looked good. She's had a couple of rough nights but overall is a good little baby. She's becoming more alert and makes all sorts of funny faces when she is awake. And she looks just like Myla. I'm trying to find a good comparison picture so you can see for yourself.

Mom and dad are tired and hanging in there - exactly as you'd expect parents of a newborn to be. I have found myself overwhelmed at having two and then something happens and I think how right it is. I know we'll get used to it and it will be like we've always had two. Right?