Saturday, February 14, 2009

Loves to you

Our little Myla - scratch that. Our BIG Myla is doing so many new things! For starters, teeth numbers 5 and 6 finally popped through, one on top and one on bottom. Have to keep things even, you know. She's discovered that she can point with those fingers and that when the hands come together, they can clap. She also blows kisses, but she has to be in the mood to do that. She's just changed so much lately - in her appearance and her skills. She really is so big!

You should see the stuff she does at her babysitter/nanny's house! She made a bean bag into a slide, she puts the shapes in her shape-sorter and she nicely puts her cup back on the ledge instead of throwing it on the floor. The other day, I got her to stand on her own two feet for a good amount of time. She wasn't so happy about it, kind of whimpered like she was scared. But she's never liked wobbling. Really, I can't tell you everything she does now because this post would be so long!

Synagis shot #4 is on Wednesday so we will do another official weigh in. They're really good at getting both legs at once so it doesn't hurt twice, but she still doesn't like it. Neither does John. But she still hasn't really gotten sick (knock on wood) and we would like to keep it that way. But before that, I get Monday off to play with her and I can't wait. Zoo? Aquarium? Children's Museum? The possibilities are endless!