Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Easter Bunny Cameth


And his arrival was quite the to-do around this house!  Myla has been telling us for weeks that Easter is her “favorite” holiday and she couldn’t wait for Easter egg hunts.  She was so excited to go and pick out fabrics for her pretty Easter dress – and was very bummed when she found out she had to wait two weeks for my mother to make them!  But everything was right with the world when this morning came and she got to put it on – complete with Easter bonnet.


The girls got to do three – count ‘em, THREE – Easter egg hunts.  One at home, one at my parents and one at Auntie Karen’s house.  Kinsley was in awe every time she found another one of her eggs – her little eyes lit up and she would say “wow!” and throw it in her basket.  Then the best part came when she got to open them – and what a bounty!  Animal crackers, necklaces, pennies and gummies were in her little eggs, not to mention the one or two eggs with chocolate candies and jelly beans.


Myla is very good at finding things (I credit the I spy books) and had no problems finding all her eggs.  She was off like a flash at all the egg hunts and threw them in her basket as fast as she could.  Next year, the Easter bunny is going to have to be a bit craftier about where he hides her eggs.  She loved it and was a little sad when there weren’t any more to find – for her or Kinsley or cousins.  In fact, when we got home from the day of festivities, she took her eggs and hid them all again, just so she could find them one more time.

And when the fun was over and it was determined the birds wouldn’t want to find eggs at night, the girls took a little time to rest and blow some bubbles.

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