Thursday, April 25, 2013


Kinsley sitting

With the wild warm and cold weather, we have been looking for things that will keep us occupied.  Lately, that has consisted of tea parties, vacations, and general super-hero saving.  Our girls are not typically the sit down kind of gals, unless the tv or a movie is on.  So when they do sit, its usually in pretty cute ways.  Kinsley is still trying hard to catch her big sister and has grown an inch and a half since February.  She has also – and much more importantly in her little sister mind I’m sure – moved to a big girl bed.  Its been surprisingly easy for her.  She’s been sleeping well and since she’s gotten a pillow (because, you know, big sister has a pillow), she stays pretty much in one direction.  We’ve also been trying the potty a little bit more and yesterday, she went two times.  Our beloved Gov’ner is taking a much deserved vacation next week and we will focus a lot on that.

Myla sitting

Myla is growing more in her little mind than on the growth charts, which is just fine.  She can tell you things about all sorts of animals and decided the other day that she wants to be a peregrine falcon or a honey badger for Halloween.  Today, on the way home, she asked me if ghosts had hands.  We decided that they must because how could they get their heads back on if they fell off!  Her one big girl tooth is starting to pop up just in time for its neighbor to be wiggly.  She’s pretty funny about it, she doesn’t want the new to fall out because she then she couldn’t eat!  But she hasn’t had any problem eating lately – I’m sure she’s getting ready to grow six inches!


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Love it! Hey, we are thinking of heading out west for a wedding in July . . . by van. Think you might be up for a stop over (or two?) :) said...

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