Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ides of March

I’m so sorry that we let the ENTIRE month of February go without a post.  It certainly wasn’t my intent – the computer gremlins took over and rendered us incapable of updating.  But I will make up with it now – a picture guide to the last six weeks!

cupboard fun (2)

The month of February began innocently enough -  you know, throwing all the toys out of the cupboard because I have a much better use for it!

tooth fairy door (2)

Myla surprised her daddy one morning by coming downstairs and saying “I have a wiggly tooth daddy!” That afternoon it was off to the craft store to make a door for the tooth fairy to come through to leave her treasures.

winter festival (12)

We went to the Winter Festival in Evergreen where we got to make snow angels, walk on the ice and build snowmen.  Quite a fit was thrown when it was time to leave it was so much fun.


Myla has been learning her letters and numbers at school and can now count to 100.  She’s helped her daddy plant a garden and loves to count the sprouts that have grown – 13, three tomatoes and 10 carrots.  She is very into dancing and loves to curtsy after each performance.



Kinsley turned two!  Holy cow if I wasn’t prepared for that one!  Her check up was perfect – 28 pounds 12 ounces and 33 inches tall.  The doctor said she’ll be 5’ 5” or 5’ 6” at this rate.  And she’s so happy and fun to be around!  We went to the aquarium for lunch and the exhibits and she had so much fun.  She loves to tell Myla that she’s two!

blizzard fun (2)

We had a “blizzard” in which the girls got to go outside and stomp in some snow.  Kinsley wasn’t sure at first and needed Myla’s hand to help her navigate the snow.  After a while, Myla decided to clear a path for Kinsley to walk on.  The wind was blowing hard so they didn’t stay out long, but they had a great time while they were out there!

first lost tooth

Today, after weeks of saying every morning, “its pretty wiggly!” Myla’s tooth fell out.  She was just eating a pretzel and she said, rather matter of factly, “mommy, daddy, my tooth just felled out.”  We can’t find it – its either in her car seat or her tummy, but she wrote the tooth fairy a note, so it will be okay. 

And that brings you up to date!  The girls are keeping us busy and we are now preparing for spring – Easter and bike rides and fun outside.  This time, there will be no computer gremlins to keep us from updating you!

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Kathleen said...

Oh, Happy Birthday Kinsley! 5'7"!!!! ;) Good to hear from you, can't believe that Myla is all ready losing Teeth, Grace just lost her front tooth today (her third to fall out), they get so big, so fast!