Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Time!

Tonight, in keeping with family tradition we started when Johnny and I were married, we decorated our Christmas tree. It was awesome, a little Christmas music in the background, Myla running back and forth between the ornaments and the tree, her getting frustrated when they wouldn't stay on the tree and saying "I can't do it" with her little lip out. It was fun to watch her get into the spirit and so what if the lower front part of our tree is top heavy? She loved it.

We also added a new part to our tradition - the reading of the Elf on the Shelf. Myla was mesmerized by the book and immediately found a place for Bentley (our elf) to sit for the night. If you don't know about these guys, they are little elves that report to Santa every night after you go to bed, and of course they don't return to the spot they left. So you have to be good so he has something good to report. It will be fun in the morning to remind Myla to look for Bentley and see if he's moved - that means he left to report! I think she'll catch on pretty quick.

To top off the evening, Johnny and Myla put the angel bear on top of our tree. Craziness ensued and memories were made. Allow us a moment to share...

I seriously laughed so hard I dropped the camera, Myla and Johnny watched it over and over and laughed hard each time, and it was truly the best way to end a perfect night.

Too good to be true?

Shutterfly is having a deal for bloggers - 50 free holiday cards just for posting about it on their blog. I have used them for a lot of things in the past, but the best is probably a photo book I made for Father's Day for Johnny one year. He says he can't read it because its got "dust" in it that makes his eyes tear up. Myla loves to ready it though, conveniently when he's not around. I've already got my Christmas cards picked out... Maybe this one .... or this one.... or....

My family has always sent out Christmas cards, and the photo ones are the best. My mom has a book of all the ones she's sent out with the family and its kind of fun to see us grow up from year to year. I think this year is the first year she'll send one out with Myla on it too - just talking about her in the letter doesn't count. It will be fun to add to the book and see not only us "grow up" but the family grow too.

My mother always comments that I can find anything online - and good deals especially. This one I have to credit to my fellow blogger Stephanie (who has one super cute little boy!) for turning me on to. I feel kind of bad about posting this, since my mom just bought her Christmas cards, but she doesn't have a blog, so that makes me feel a little better...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


And so it is, the week of being thankful and the time when we start thinking about all the wonderful things we have - the holidays! Myla is so excited for Thanksgiving because after that its A2's birthday and then its CHRISTMAS! She is going to be so much fun to put up all the Christmas decorations that I finally get to pull out of storage. I have a feeling this year, she is really going to get into it. Johnny and Myla came downtown last week to watch Santa repel down the giant "D" at the Pavilions. She kept waving to him "hi Santa!" Maybe this weekend we'll help him light the Christmas tree in downtown Littleton...

Myla had a lot of fun last week playing with her cousins Tank and Kaidy from Omaha. Of course, did I pull out my camera, um, no. It took her a little while at first to warm up to having more kids around but she was talking about them for days after they left. She loved to come home and see them and one night they got to eat at her little table before all three hopped in the bath. She thought it was so cool. I know how much she loves to play with cousins. She has been saying all sorts of random things and laughing at nothing in particular. Tonight, she was running around the house (gotta love those circular layouts) singing horsey, horsey on your way. And truly having the best time. John and his brothers were able to move my mom's old piano over while they were out last week so she has been having a good time playing that as well when she needs to sit for a minute.

We had a check-in with the doctor last week and baby is measuring right where she should be, which was good to hear. I'm feeling fine, although I have to admit, I'm a little freaked out right now. "D-day" is next week and I'm just hoping that everything continues to go smoothly. So far so good, lets just keep it that way!