Monday, January 27, 2014

Where do you learn these things?

 Its amazing how much our little girls learn every day.  Kinsley, being almost three, loves to try out new words and phrases as soon as she hears them.  Yesterday, she pointed out that she had only colored on one side of her paper, and then said "I'm so disappointed."  And when she doesn't get something right away, or Sister isn't sharing, she says, "Fine, then I not play with you any more!"  (She usually comes back pretty quick.) She still talks in her own language too and sometimes all Myla and I can do is look at each other and shrug our shoulders.  Sometimes, she is playing in her own Kinsley world and chatters away between two babies, or her baby will talk to her.  She has quite the little imagination!

Myla loves kindergarten and is "performing at grade level" says the report card.  She never tells us much about what she's learned in school, until the most random times.  Or she loves the show Wild Kratts and can spout off things about random animals you never knew.  We got a pass to the museum for Christmas and have been three times in January because Myla is soaking it all in.  We learned about our bodies last time we were there and she will sometimes randomly tell you about your heart or bacteria or something crazy smart.  I think she'll do just fine in first grade - of which she's already counting the days.  Well, sort of...

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