Monday, January 21, 2013

Off days

hot stuff Kinsley (1)

We haven’t had many days off lately as a family, when we don’t have to go “do” anything.  (This last vacation doesn’t count – it was vacation!)  But today we got to just hang out and have a good time.  The girls had gotten gift cards to the book store and it just so happened that the book store was also giving away buy-one-get-one cookies.  So we went to lunch and then spent a good long time playing and reading and deciding which books to bring home.  Each of them got four books that were all pretty random, and “read” them all the way home. 

cowgirl boots (2)

We spent the rest of the afternoon running around the house and playing in the basement.  It was especially good for Myla, who has been having a really hard time with her daddy working his weird hours.  She’s had meltdowns more than one night because he had to work or couldn’t put her to bed.  She’s very much a daddy’s girl and so to spend the day with him was a good thing.  We enjoyed the sunshine and took a little walk and the girls held hands and giggled.  And now we look forward to the next time!

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