Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Five months gone!?

5 months old (4)

We were talking the other night at how amazing it is that a little over five months ago, this sweet, talkative, smiley girl was still inside of mommy.  The months have flown by!  These days, Kinsley is working on sitting up and getting stronger everyday.  She’s also discovered her toes and find they make a fun popping sound when you suck on them and then pull them out of your mouth.  And she loves to talk to Myla and watch her do just about anything.  She’d really love to go running around with her you can tell by the way she gets her legs going in the bouncer.  Myla calls it “dancing.”  She just loves to be where she can see everyone and everything.  And we are totally in love with her smile and little giggle – she’s a joy.

asleep on the couch

A couple of mornings lately, I will come downstairs to find Myla asleep on the couch.  She’s in her bed when Johnny gets home from work, but somewhere between there and the time that I get up with Kinsley, she moves down and falls asleep.  She never really tells me what makes her do this – if she has a bad dream or comes downstairs looking for us and decides to wait and just falls asleep – I’m not sure.  She’s pretty cute though.  We’ve been having lots of fun at a new fountain/spray park I was recommended to and in her pool.  She’s also been singing a lot and telling us all sorts of stories – mostly along the lines of Alice in Wonderland, her new favorite movie.  She could watch it over and over if we let her.  Tonight, I think I heard her saying the lines along with it.  But the first time she curtsies and says “your maaajesty” to me…. Winking smile

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Tale of Two Days

rolly slide (4)

On Saturday, the girls and I ran a couple of errands in the morning and because Myla was so good for me in the store, we went to a “playpark.”  It’s a nice one that’s a little drive from our house, but I like that the equipment isn’t run down and the sand isn’t like rock.  Myla likes it because it has this awesome slide that is rollers and she giggles all the way down.  She could run in a circle up to the slide and down it more times than you can count.

playing in the rain (8)

In the afternoon, the crazy rain storms came again and Myla was bummed because she couldn’t play in the pool.  So, she put on her raincoat instead and splashed in the puddles.  She had a great time running through the puddles, splashing the water off the table and catching rain drops on her tongue.  In fact, the raincoat didn’t really help all that much since her clothes were still wet when she came in.

And Kinsley thought, “what a silly big sister I have.  Mom, when can I go play with her?”

Kinsley 7-9-11 (1)

Monday, July 4, 2011