Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ride 'em cowgirl!

Yesterday, as I was feeling nesty and making Johnny do all sorts of hard work, Myla spent the afternoon with her Mam-mam at the stock show. They saw all sorts of animals and Myla came home with a "fancy hat from the cowboy store." This morning, before we could even sit down for breakfast, she had her hat on. She had it on for most of the day actually, except for that pesky nap her mom made her take...

Myla has been full of cute sayings lately. She told Johnny the other night at bedtime that she "will tell baby not to be scared of Santa Claus" Or today when she tried on this super cute hat and gloves I found and she begged for 5 minutes to go outside. Every time I said not right now (it was 7:00, a little early since the sun wasn't up!), she would say "but I don't want to wait, I'm ready now!" After a banana before bed she always says, "my hands are sticky. No, not my hands. This finger is sticky." She's a funny girl.

Check in for baby on Tuesday - the last one before we head into the appointment-every-week time. This one should be quick, no ultrasound, but I'm sure that the doctor will be honed in on my blood pressure. She was doing some crazy moves yesterday, I swear a foot was about to punch through my side. It was kind of fun actually...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby its cold outside!

We got another blast of snow and cold and on Sunday we were able to just stay home and lounge in our jammies all day. Myla didn't mind, she was happy to play with her toys, watch a little Mary Poppins and take a nice nap. She's been pretty funny lately - usually she quacks for yes. Or, okay turns into o-quack. For a while we were all animals - mommy-duck, daddy-pony, Myla-penguin. Now we quack. Its actually pretty cute. She's also into lunches and tea parties with the sandwich and cookie sets she got for Christmas. We got her some little plates with the gift card she got from Omaha and now its the best thing to do! If she's not downstairs playing train with her daddy.

We had a check in for baby yesterday and were surprised to find out that they are measuring her to be about 4 pounds 12 ounces! That's more than Myla was when she came home! Everything checked out great and I think the doctor even bounced into the room, we were all doing so well. Its kind of unfamiliar territory, but we're liking it.

Johnny and my dad and brother Jeff and family friend Mr. Bill painted Myla's room yesterday - after us having the paint since, oh, October! It looks really good and I'm excited to put some finishing touches on it that I've been collecting for about a year now. It looks finally like a little girl's room. Next up, baby's room...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas & New Years

So, December passed us by pretty quickly. With all the fun stuff to do - and multiple trips to the doctor - we just spent as much time together as we could. But when Christmas came, we stopped. It was an awesome day.

Johnny and I woke up first and kept saying, why isn't she awake yet!? When she did come into our room, we could hardly contain ourselves! We finally made it downstairs where we found Santa had come and filled our stockings. He also made a special trip down to our basement and left Myla a HUGE chalkboard that she immediately started coloring on. She made out like a bandit with lots of games and toys, new clothes and a tent to play in. She got a new baby doll that she has snuggled with most nights and puzzles and coloring pages. Johnny and I were spoiled too. I got a bread-maker, which is not as easy as I thought it would be. The first loaf of bread I made for our special New Year's Eve dinner before Johnny went to work... lets just say, it will be nice when the ice melts to feed the ducks at the pond.

The new year brought lots of snow and a frozen pipe for us. Myla woke up early and after being very distract-able yesterday with her wooden cookies and sandwiches set, she was insistent on going outside to play in the snow. It was still bitter cold, but that didn't matter when you have on your snowsuit and mittens! She didn't get to stay out for very long and when she came in, her little nose was pretty red. But she loved every minute of making tracks and brushing the snow off of our deck. Tomorrow, when Mr. Sun makes a stronger appearance, we'll stay outside a little longer.

Last check-in for baby went well and her heartbeat was strong. This week there will be no doctors appointment (scheduled) which will be kind of strange to have a week off. We got new windows installed in the girl's rooms and Johnny will be painting in short order. We don't have much time left!