Monday, July 19, 2010


All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go... Its official - next week we sign the papers on a new house. Myla is very excited to live in the "steps with the house." We found an amazing one, not too far away, and big enough for Johnny's five guitars. (He would correct me here and say he only has four - and one bass.) Its going to be a good house, once we can get all our stuff packed up and ready. And much bigger than the one we are in now, which will be a huge change. My mom jokes that all of our furniture will fit in one room and we will still have room to move around. Overall though, we are pretty excited. Here are a few pictures of it...

The front of the house.

The family room.

The kitchen.

The living room.

With all this packing up and moving things around, sometimes you just need a break. And since its been in the triple digits, the pool looks like the best place to do that. Dinosaurs and all.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We had an amazing time in Spokane - or Smokane as a two year old might say it. The family was great, the memories were fun and Myla was amazing the whole time. Oh sure, she ignored her parents when she felt like it, but on the plane part of the trip, she was an angel. The lady behind us even said, "she must have been sleeping the whole time." Nope, she was being good. (Or her parents had good distractions, one of the two.) The 16 hour car ride part of the trip, she didn't cry or scream, just read books to her daddy, looked at the cows, and napped.

It was a lot of fun to watch her discover new things, like the lake, and cousin after cousin to play with. And I have to admit, it was kind of nice not to hear her say "I need to watch one more Curious George" for five whole days! Below is just a sampling of our fun time, we made so many memories its hard to put them all on a blog post!

We took Myla out on the "green boat." She kept saying she wanted to paddle, but I was so afraid she was going to lose the oar in the lake that I couldn't let her do it!

The first thing Myla did, was put her feet in the lake. Every day we had to do it. By the third day, she had a stick that she was fishing with because, as you know, you need a stick to catch fish.

Myla learned to climb up the outside of the stairs, scaring the living daylights out of me that she was going to do it when we weren't there. But she mastered it pretty quick and didn't do it without someone to show off to.

We had a campfire the first night were Myla got to enjoy singing and s'mores. The singing more than the s'mores. She laughed so hard at one of the songs that she was the highlight.

Thank you family for hanging out with us and making our little one's first Moser family reunion full of stories that we can tell at the next one!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Family Time

This weekend - in addition to it being the Fourth of July - Myla's Uncle Jeff graduated from the police training academy program. And so, Grandma and Grandpa Washburn, Aunt Becky and Christina came out to celebrate. Myla had a lot of fun hanging out with her Omaha family. We went to the Botanic Gardens for Grandma's birthday and were able to enjoy it before it got too hot. Myla had the best time watching the fish until we found - you guessed it - ducks. A momma duck and three baby ducks. She watched them dive under the water and pop back up for so long, we almost didn't get lunch!

The next day we went to Tiny Town and got to ride on the train again and see all the little houses. Which, a year ago, were exactly Myla-sized, but now are a little small. Still she liked to look in all the windows and run around between them. We tried to watch the fireworks, but I think the place we were in was too loud and Myla did not like that at all. She was in my lap as soon as the first one went off. But on the way home, she said "fireworks aren't scary mommy." Figures.

Tomorrow we head out on the airplane to Spokane for the Moser Family Reunion. We've talked it up to Myla pretty good, so she is ready. I just hope the airplane ride goes smoothly enough...