Monday, June 29, 2009

A long weekend

Myla's wonderful babysitter took a well deserved vacation this week to Chicago. For the first part of the week, Myla got to spend some time with her Grandfather Witulski. But why should he get to have all the fun? So, I took off Friday and Monday to have some fun of our own.

Friday, Myla and I went to gymnastics and had a ball. She knew just what to do and had lots of kids to watch. She laughed and ran! Then, we were able to go pick up a small climber from our cousins while they wait for their next little climber to come. Its the perfect size for Myla, and it has a door, which she loves to open and close. Up one platform is a little slide that she sits and thinks on for a bit (you know, solve the problems of the world) and then whoosh! She thinks its great. And when she stands on that platform, she can watch the dog chase squirrels which is also pretty great. Also on Friday, my mom, sister and I gave Myla the proper introduction to shopping - factory stores! They were having some really good sales and I think all four girls came home with at least three outfits.

Today, Johnny and I broke out the bike and trailer and rode over to Aimee's house for some swimming. Myla did pretty well in it, only leaning over 3/4 of the time the way there, until we got smart and put our towels next to her to help prop her up. We took her further into the pool and played some little games with her to keep her from wanting to get out, and for the most part it worked. She had so much fun that she napped the entire trip back, paying no mind to her parents huffing and puffing up the hills.

One more long weekend coming up - this one with her first real fireworks and a concert to celebrate. She is so happy, just learning and walking her parents through the house - even though we've seen it and she can do it herself. Don't say it too loud, but I love these times.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Look Ma! No hands!

Guess we've moved on from the grass...

And yes, I know that the movie is the wrong way - that's what I get for trying to shoot vertical.

Friday, June 19, 2009

A whole new world

Myla has jumped into summer with both feet. She has done gymnastics the last two weeks with her A2, and then gone swimming. Apparently, she's pretty good at the balance beam and the somersaults. She's not to sure about the pool thing, but today she got to splash a little while standing on the step. We got her a great tube that she can sit in, but she doesn't seem to like it much. Maybe next week. And somehow she lets Aimee do her hair. Today we came to pick her up and she had the ponytail again. I don't know how Aim gets her to sit for it, she won't for me.

Myla is so close to walking its not even funny. Really, she can walk, as long as its on the grass. (I think she doesn't like to crawl on it.) Last night, we went to a concert in the park where there was a fountain the kids were playing in. She wanted to go so bad that she walked all the way across the park following me over to the fountain. She would take a few steps and then fall, but she'd get right back up. It won't be long now.

All this learning and growing makes a girl tired. She loves to go on walks and wave at puppies, or birds, or trees. She's been kind of spoiled lately since John got a hold-over job. She gets to spend more time with him. But the hours are NOT fun. He's still looking. I am just cruising along, watching my girl grow and hoping that I capture most of it on film.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Random moments of cute

Myla loves those Italians. Spaghetti, pizza, pepperoni, you name it, she eats it with gusto! One night, Johnny made a rigatoni dish that she liked so much, she was licking her bowl once it was gone. It was everywhere! We took her straight from her highchair to the bath because there was no other way to get her clean.

Today, Myla and I went outside for a walk. She became enthralled with the rocks we have in the middle of the drive way. (Now, picture this in your mind's eye because I couldn't run in to grab the camera.) She had on this cute little overall jumper and I showed her that she had pockets that would hold some of those rocks. That was the coolest! So she sat down and started putting rocks in her pockets. Except she couldn't find the real pockets, so they ended up in the bib of her overalls. And when she couldn't fit anymore there, they went up the legs of her overalls. She stood up to walk to the front door, leaving a trail of rocks as they fell through.

For my mom's birthday, she became the keeper of the Moser family kids rocking chair. She used to sit in it as a kid and rock next to her grandma. And its the perfect size for Myla. When she sat in it the first time, she didn't want to get out, instead pointing at a toy and saying please. And this rocking chair really rocks. It was awesome! And oh so cute!