Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby joy.

Isn't Myla cute with that animal cracker on her head! I love it! She was obviously very tired at that moment. Monday was her check up and she now weighs 16 lbs 8 1/4 oz, is 27 inches tall and is fabulous. ;o) She's hitting all the milestones that she should. Myla is moving on with so many things lately, like going off of formula, which we're excited about too 'cause it's getting expensive, and eating table food. She is playing with her mom's baby rocking chair that she had as a toddler but it's hard keeping Myla seated in it. Her little personality is showing through more everyday like laying her head on her shoulder while in her high chair and imitating the cat's meow. She is so much fun, I'm glad it's Myla and Daddy time all week long!

(Yes that's a diaper box she's playing in) Last night Kara and I separated all Myla's clothes that she's either too big or too little for and we realized just how blessed we've been that so many people have made sure she was clothed. One thing's for sure, she wouldn't have been so well outfitted if it were just up to us. Tomorrow Myla and I may get out and go to the library or something, keep from getting cabin fever and stuff. If we had more snow we could make a snow penguin with the kit we got for Christmas. Maybe next month. Kara is doing crafty things and I might get some xbox in tonight so off I go. Enjoy.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Playing with food

It was another glorious day here in Denver - 67 degrees says the car. And it was MLK day and somehow or another, I got the day off. Beautiful day, day with my girl, free day at the zoo - was my thought. And EVERYONE else's thought in the city limits of Denver too. When we went, there were people parked on sidewalk there were so many people. So, Aunt Aimee, Myla and I went to a local mall and played on the food. Not quite the sunshine and animals, but Myla seemed to enjoy it. After she was done watching all the other kids run around. It took a few minutes, but she did start moving and exploring things. She sat on an egg, sausage, waffles and a cereal bowl. She wouldn't touch the bacon and shredded wheat cereal though. Maybe she doesn't like brown...

We took an unofficial weight today and figure she's somewhere around 17 1/2 or 18 pounds. Nice jump from last month. She has a synagis shot on Wednesday (for RSV) and her 15 month check up on Monday, so we will have the official number later this week. She and John both escaped the pneumonia which is awesome because that would not be good. It wasn't any fun for me either, but the doctor declared my lungs clear as a bell last week. Yeah!

Myla is making all sorts of cute faces and strange sounds lately. She's discovered that she can climb on things like her rocking chair at G&G Witulski's house and the bouncy chair at her babysitters house. She's a master at hiding toys or pieces of her puzzles in places I would never think to look, and she will eat almost anything you put on her plate. Still won't have anything to do with milk from her cup, but maybe when she can make the switch to cow's milk, she won't even flinch. Life is good around this Washburn house, and a whole lotta fun.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Can't fence me in!

Myla sends love and best wishes this new year to all who enjoy her blog, especially her family and framily. She is a climber these days! In your arms, along the furniture and even using the walls to stand up. As you can see by the picture, she loves exploring new things or familiar things in a new way. We have to enlist the help of baby blockades to keep her in one area and not in the dog's water bowl. Myla gets a kick out of splashing in water.... Because she's moving so much she's burning more calories so we are feeding her more diverse foods that she can gnaw on with her 4 little teeth. That's right. She has two teeth on top poking through now, and more hair than dad, sadly that's not saying much.

Myla loves to be around the cat and cat doesn't seem to mind because she can outrun the baby. But that's okay, Myla gets a kick out of her anyway. She's such a happy little girl, we couldn't have imagined her personality being so easy going. To sum up, you could say we love our baby TONS!!

Her parents are okay too. Kara is fighting off the pneumonia in her lung very well with antibiotics. Yeah, go figure. Not even Kara thought she was that sick and it's bacterial so Myla is fine. She probably has a stronger immune system than we do anyway. Nothing has changed too much around here other than trying to multi-task more but that's why we got a Roomba (that and it was a hot deal). Just set it in one room and let it work. It's the one vacuum so far that Myla isn't afraid of. I don't know why but she has a hard time when we run the upright, even in mom's arms. She'll grow out of it I'm sure. Either that or she'll be afraid of maids her whole life.....

Thanks for reading. ;o)