Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ladybugs, pumpkins and cookies - oh my!

Myla went to a pumpkin party on Sunday at her cousin Reagan's house. She went as a ladybug - so cute! She got to decorate cookies and had lots of fun playing with the toy kitchen and watching dad carve her pumpkin. There were lots of things to watch and take in - particularly the other kids as they ran around and played. Mom and Dad got to visit and eat some yummy soups and snacks. It was a great time.

Myla went to the doctor on Monday - much to dad's dismay. She did have to get four shots (one was her flu shot) and he really doesn't like to see that happen. But she settled down almost immediately after she got back in his arms. Myla now weighs 15 pounds and 11 ounces and is 25 3/4 inches tall. Not bad huh? The doctor thought she was doing just great and was very happy to see her progressing so well. She also has been cleared to go anywhere in the mountains that she wants, which is kind of nice. I was thinking about the ice sculptures in Breckenridge come January....

She is really working on the crawling thing and has become a master at getting from a sitting position over her feet and on to her tummy. However, she is still stuck in reverse and only inches forward some of the time. But she's getting it - you can tell she gets really frustrated about going backwards. Johnny says that she got the army crawl going for a little bit today. She's so big!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Its a party!

When else in one's life can a birthday be cause for so much celebration? The very first birthday. The one you're not likely to remember at all but to most of those who were there, it will be one for the scrap books. I don't know if Myla had any fun or not...who am I kidding, she had too much fun! She was so tired before the party was over. The stimulation of all the people there to see her, the bright, fancy wrappings and don't forget the textures, like birthday cake and tissue paper. Flashing lights on toys and noises accompanying them... it's a lot to take in when you're little.

We would like to thank everyone who came and helped make Myla's day so special. It's wonderful to know so many people care about you and looking back, I know she will see it. And for all the family and Framily that are out of town, we know your wishes for Myla on her special day were felt. It's amazing how much fun we had celebrating our little girl! It really brought back the mystique and joy of not just birthdays but all new and exciting things that Myla is experiencing, we're re-living them all over again through her beautiful blue eyes.

Myla, on Saturday, decided to be more independent...or rather Dad was not paying close enough attention.... I was changing her diaper and left her on the changing pad on top of her dresser to kneel down and un-clog the diaper genie when out of the corner of my eye something was coming towards me really fast. I pivoted and stuck out my arms and there was Myla! Very surprised of course, and so was I. I still don't know how I caught her but I dare not try for a repeat event. Our life is about to become much more interesting. Myla can inch forward on her hands and knees now and she loves to walk if someone holds her hands. It's more like a march, but she's got the basics down. It won't be long and we'll have to really keep a sharp eye out for a wobbly little mover. Look out Cat!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Myla!

Happy Birthday to Myla! Happy Birthday to Myla! I guess you know how the rest of the song goes huh? Myla is officially one year old today and loving every minute of it. Today, we took her out for a celebratory breakfast and after a necessity trip to Target and a nap, Myla took her first trip to the Butterfly Pavilion.

Once she saw that things were flying around her head, she was pretty intrigued. She watched them on the leaves and on the flowers and even watched one land on mom's back. She tried to grab them - of course - but they were pretty fast. She also had a good time watching the kids that were there on school field trips and the few birds they have inside. Then we took the dog on a walk - its a gorgeous 60 degree October day in Denver - and she had fun watching the dog chase, well, just about anything.

I think she had a pretty good day and we are having a great time being with her. She's very happy today too and smiles all the way through the happy birthday song. She's been working on crawling and went forward for a little bit today before she flattened out for a toy. She's so big and she'll be on the move in no time. Thank you to everyone who's giving their best wishes to Myla this past year. We all appreciate it more than you will ever know.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Almost there!

So, I finished my book on the bus this morning and then this afternoon I had some time to think. (Johnny says I read too fast, maybe that is my problem...) Anyway, I found myself thinking back a whole year and how I was in the hospital one year ago today. I think I was sufficiently drugged by now, but I remember crying and thinking how small she was and how this was NOT the plan. I remember thinking how there were so many things that could go wrong and how on earth were they going to deliver this tiny little being into the world. I remember thoroughly believing that I had let her down, that my body had betrayed her and now she was going to have to do it all on her own and how that didn't seem very fair and I was already an awful mother. I also remember the wonderful nurse that took care of me that night - Cynthia - who told me that in five years, I would be playing hide-and-go-seek with Myla, and she would hide under the dining room table (because they always hide there) and I could have a cup of hot chocolate and listen to her giggle for five minutes because she thought that I didn't know where she was. I remember holding on to that image with all my might as I struggled through that first night.

And now, as I look back over the past year and all the hurdles we had to jump and all the hills we had to climb, I don't think I would change a thing. OK, maybe a few small things. Lets face it, carrying around that oxygen tank was not a whole lot of fun. But how lucky am I? I have the happiest baby who loves to smile and chatter and sing us awake in the morning. She loves to stand and bounce and laugh when you are laughing. She is trying new things and learning something everyday. Today, she even ate carrots from a crock-pot stew that I just mashed up with a fork. She so big and so wonderful and has taught me so much about true unconditional love. I cannot wait to celebrate her birthday on Friday - and every birthday that comes as she grows. And I cannot wait to play hide-and-go-seek.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hello there, Polar Bear!

It's just cold enough for this sweet little pink jacket! What a day for Myla! Her OT/PT came to see her this morning and Dad bragged about all the wonderful things that she was doing and saying, so much so that Myla had to show off too. She pulled herself up from Dad's lap and grabbed her little giraffe toy by the ears and cruised all the way around him on her own while singing and laughing and just having a good time. Then she fell on the second lap so Dad had to console for a bit. So her OT/PT thinks she is right where she should be for her adjusted age. We're going to work more on the crawling effort too. Myla went backwards for a few feet, not really what I had in mind, but a good start in the right...direction....?

Myla's Grammy and G-daddy and Aunt Becky were in town last weekend but she didn't get to see much of them due to a nasty stomach virus she got, I got, her Nonnie got, and her Mom got. She shared the love. It was kind of tough seeing her in pain and not able to eat or sleep well, we really wanted to do something to make it all better. But before that, Myla was working up to eating cheerios and crackers and drinking juice. She gets more fingers than cheerios but an A for effort. She is such a joy! Next week is her 1st Birthday party! She's already got a lot of presents from her Omaha relatives to open and enjoy where ever there's room for them, somewhere. We really do appreciate all the things that everyone has done for Myla and helping make life easier for us when Myla came in to the world and we hope you all will enjoy her pictures and stories for years to come!