Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Party

Today we had Myla's birthday party. She didn't know what to think about it at first when people started showing up, but she quickly found out that she has cousins that like to run around. It was a lot of fun to see them all together. Myla made out like a bandit - thank you everyone! - and really enjoyed brunch and the singing of Happy Birthday. (I dare say it is her favorite song!) She even blew out the candle all by herself. She is a big girl now you know.

Today was a doubly fun day because, being as how its Halloween and all, Myla got to go on her first trick-or-treat excursion. We hit a few select houses and then it was off to "trunk"-or-treat at the church. She loved it, all the kids in their costumes running around and all the things to do. She colored two pictures and then it was time to go outside. She's a little shy and so she didn't really say trick-or-treat, but her parents helped out and she got enough loot to satisfy our cravings. I know, I know, its not all for us. Don't worry, she'll get a sucker or two... eventually...

And now, for your viewing pleasure, the cutest peek-a-boo this side of the rockies...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snow day!

Check out the pink snow suit... can't move in it, but she's warm. It snowed nearly 24" and we couldn't put off shovelling out any longer. We coaxed Myla out to play but she mostly stood there until we were going inside, then it was cool to play in. The wind was still sweeping snow crystals around and it's not terribly warm out either so maybe tomorrow we can build a snow fort.

The picture of her inside before we ventured out is priceless. Her face looks like, what in the name of pete....who wears this stuff? (imagine a Stewie Griffin voice)
I have today and tomorrow off and half of Saturday for Myla's Halloween/birthday party so I also get to bake the cake and try to make it look like a duck. Right. It should be fun.

Myla has always done silly things and the two bottom pictures of her say it all. She leans against one ottoman and walks her feet up the other and just leans back and relaxes, but this time she used me to help steady with one hand while she drank from her cup. We'll have to build a tree house for her to climb up to one of these days. So, yah, we can't get into the backyard easily. Haley has to squeeze through because the snow is so deep and wet, heavy stuff. Perfect for a snow fort. Have I already mentioned the possibility of a snow fort? Well, now I have.

Myla really loves the gifts from everyone for her birthday. She scatters them all throughout the house, switching at random between them all if we let her. She has quite an imagination. Saturday should be a lot of fun with costumes and trick or treating, sugar highs and crashes. Have a great Halloween everyone, until we blog again.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Myla is 2!

Myla knows her age and shows us by holding up both index fingers and saying twooooo. It's so cute! Her words are becoming more clear as well. Like Peekaboo isn't peek...anymore but she does take a short pause inbetween sylables. Today we picked out pumpkins, one Myla carried by the stem and two bigger ones for mom and dad to help Myla carve. As you can tell by the picture, she was having fun picking them out too. She got a cool little apron from Auntie Tiffy that goes down to her shins but is perfect for her and Grammy and G-Daddy put together some activity packs with shapes and animals and different themes.

Tonight, Mam-Mam and Pop-Pop came over for dinner and to give Myla presents and so did Aimee, Scott and Jeff. Myla must have stood at the front door looking out for 10 minutes saying "Aimee," "Aimee." Uncle Jeff gave her a Mr. Potato Head which she played with for a long time. It was a hit. I think she enjoyed having everyone at her dinner table because she was all smiles.

For her cake, Aimee made cupcakes frosted to look like a pond and grass around it with two little ducks sitting on them since Myla loves ducks. She even has a duck halloween costume that she will have us put the hat on her so she can look at herself in the mirror as a duck. This will be a fun halloween.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Dear Myla

Tomorrow, you turn two. We can't believe how fast that day has come. Its a big day to be sure. Tomorrow we get to stop "adjusting" your age (which will make Grandfather Witulski happy because he could never figure that out anyway) and we get to celebrate how far you have come. Let's face it, your start in this world was not the smoothest. You were never sick, just small, they said, but with one big feisty streak.

You have learned so much in these past two years. You have grown so big and done everything on your own time. All the doctors and therapists you saw were always amazed at what you had overcome. But we always knew you would be fine. Even through those awful eye exams and the monthly RSV shots, you were always strong. (Eyelids of steel, remember?)

And here you are, two years old. You prefer to walk anywhere we go, talk up a storm in whatever language you speak, and even say some pretty clear things. You know what you want that's for sure. But you are a sweetheart. You give hugs and kisses, you love to crawl into bed with your dad first thing in the morning, and your smile and laugh light up a room. You make us laugh every day and continue to amaze us with the things you learn. (Today you said "octopus". What a strange word for you to pick up, but you said it without a second thought.) We watch you as you figure things out - how they work, what they do - before you become a master at it.

Myla, we are so proud to be your parents. We are so blessed to have you in our lives. We are so thankful that you have come through so much without any major problems and are here to light up our hearts. We wish you the happiest birthday with many more bright days to come.

We love you~
Mom and Dad

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Going speechy

Myla had her quarterly check in with her speech therapist today. Or, to hear Johnny tell it, her quarterly "wow, she's doing so great"-in. They were once again amazed at how well she's doing. The therapist thought Myla had progressed in leaps and bounds even just since last time she saw her. She's putting two words together and saying "watch" to Mommy and Daddy so we will watch what she's doing. (Change of author here so that I can go calm our fiesty girl...) It's great to hear your child begin to talk, even when she repeats things you say, like poop and butt. Still makes me laugh... until she says it at the top of her lungs in the store and won't stop. Maybe I'll still laugh.

Myla is becoming very independent as of late. She has to put the key in the lock anytime we're coming or going and must hold the leash when we take the dog for walks and tries to pit us against each other when putting her to bed. She'll cry for mom if dad is rocking her and vice versa. Just this morning she was watching a movie before her nap while I did some things in the kitchen and I thought I heard the movie go to credits but before I could get in the living room she had the remote out and started the show again. She could probly hook up a home theater system too.

We took her two-year-old pictures this past weekend. I can't believe she's almost two. So big, so fast, and so darn cute!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Best Friends Forever

Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. "Pooh?" he whispered.

"Yes, Piglet?"

"Nothing," said Piglet, taking Pooh's paw, "I just wanted to be sure of you."

Myla & her BFF Hailey at Nonni's house.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Royal day trip

We took advantage of what might be our last Saturday together since John starts his new job this week and took a day trip down to the Royal Gorge. My parents had given us admission tickets for our birthdays and all we did was walk right in. Its past "season" so it wasn't very crowded and it gave us lots of time to meander down the bridge and feel it swaying in the wind. Ok, the swaying freaked John out a little bit because we were 1000 feet up in the air, but we walked the whole thing, looking for ducks over the side. (Just in case there were any swimming in the river below. Hey, you never know!)

We had no idea that it was more than just a really high bridge. We visited the petting zoo where Myla got to meet a goat and some llamas, we saw elk and buffalo - a white one! - and big horn sheep up close and personal and then took the tram OVER the gorge to get back. Then, because you can, we took the incline railway to the bottom and looked up. Myla loved that we rode on two trains (we told her the tram was a flying train) and kept saying "choo, choo" all the way.

On our way out, Myla took her first carousal ride. She choose the bunny to sit on, I was next to her on a horse and John was holding on to her. Once we got going, she was in heaven. Her whole face showed how much fun she had. She loved it. And of course, it was fun for us to see her learning and enjoying something so much.

We had the best time together as a family making some end of summer memories.